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Re: Redesign Comments, what do you think?

Originally Posted by savestheday91 View Post
I didn't mind my birthday being public in my profile, so that if someone wanted to look it up, they could, but I don't see the point of having it next to every post someone makes. I am not really in love with seeing Age: 22 next to all of my post, I do not even remotely understand why age is relevant. There's an option to display age and birthday and one to just display age, but there isn't one to just display birthday. I'd much rather display just my birthday than my age. Using this system I'm going to have to hide first and just drill it into everyone.... SEPTEMBER 1 is the day you need to remember.
Huh? I thought your birthdate and therefore your age could be hidden, if you wanted them to be Why would a person's age be on their posts?

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