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Re: Redesign Comments, what do you think?

Originally Posted by Deboogle!. View Post
Every credit card transaction I've ever done with paypal has been instant, at least in terms of it showing up in my paypal account as the money being sent Dunno if that would have meant quicker results here at MTF, I honestly don't remember what happened when I paid for MTF, it was almost 2 years ago, too long ago for me to remember

But I pay all of my bills online, some via credit card, and the ones I pay by credit card tend to show up a day or two sooner than the ones where I have it debit from my checking account. But that's just my experience with my various utilities, i suppose it could be purely coincidental
I don't know about MTF either, but it seems like I did the same thing last time (e check) and it cleared in like 3 days. But this time I got caught by a weekend and a holiday And I don't really know if a credit card would have worked for me since I'm not the primary person on the account

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