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Re: Interviews, audios, videos...

Originally Posted by Ome View Post
He's getting hotter

I used to like Lakers way back when Derek Fisher was playing. I don't get much of NBA coverage in Thailand
Pistons leads 2-0 already 2 more Spurs & Duncan ahead
He sure is

I've been a Piston fan since I was young...since the Isiah Thomas days, then I lost interest until Grant Hill came along..then he left the team and I didn't have a favorite player (I seem to stick with the team, not a certain player though this year I kind of took Orlando as my second favorite team since that is where Grant Hill has been playing and they also got Carlos Arroyo from the Pistons) so I guess I lost interest again. I'm not sure what got me watching again. I don't exactly have a favorite player now, they are just a really good team. I don't like the Bulls, never have since the Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen days and I don't like The Spurs...I guess it's because they beat the Pistons for the Championship a couple years ago. Maybe the Pistons will have a chance at revenge this year.

Sorry to fill the thread with Basketball talk. I've just always been a big sports fan...Basketball, Baseball, Hockey (The Red Wings lost ), NASCAR Racing, and of course now Tennis. I also used to love watching Gymnastics. I love all the competition....too bad I suck at every sport. I finally gave up trying in fear of embarrassing myself I do have the desire to play tennis, but nobody around to play with

Back to Paulo talk now...sometime I'll have to reload the second part of the video. It seemed to stop in the middle....darn dial-up internet I guess
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