Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year [Winner : AdeyC] -
View Poll Results: Manager Of The Year
abollo 0 0%
AdeyC 45 67.16%
Boarder35m 4 5.97%
Direnan 8 11.94%
ESimp 0 0%
justafanYYC 8 11.94%
keqtqiadv 0 0%
Marto 1 1.49%
orangehat 1 1.49%
Other (Please Specify) 0 0%
Voters: 67. You may not vote on this poll

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Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year [Winner : AdeyC]

The 2012 Tennis Tipping Manager of the Year

This poll is to determine who was the best TT manager in 2012.
The poll can only have 10 options, so we (Boarder35m, keqtqiadv, Marto & I) had to nominate nine managers for this award. If your pick is not included, please vote for the [Other] option and tell us why you believe this manager should win.

Note: Only TT players are allowed to vote in these polls and they will be open for 14 days

Here are the nominees in alphabetical order:

abollo 7 (Olympics,Casablanca, Estoril, Halle, Los Angeles, Meknes CH,Sheffield Fut)

AdeyC 31 (FUT Glasgow, CH Heilbronn, CH Kazan, CH Bergamo, CH Cherbourg, CH Rabat, ATP Miami Doubles, CH Rome, ATP Bucharest, CH Ostrava, ATP Madrid, CH Bordeaux, ATP Nice, ATP Queens, ATP Eastbourne, Wimbledon, CH Bogota, ATP Atlanta, CH Tampere, CH Lexington, ATP Toronto, CH Segovia, CH Genova, CH Istanbul, ATP Metz, CH Lermontov, CH Tiburon, ATP Stockholm, ATP Basel, CH Bratislava, CH Helsinki)

Boarder35m 15 (Roland Garros S, Roland Garros D, Paris, Hamburg, Barcelona, Stuttgart, Zagreb, Munich, Kitzbuhel, St Petersburg, Vienna, Braunschweig CH, Alphen CH, Ortisei CH, Champaign CH)

Direnan 12 (Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Newport, Washighton, Winston-Salem, Blumenau CH, Santos CH, Rio Quente CH, Pozoblanco CH, Cali CH, Rio De Janeiro CH, Indian Harbour Fut)

ESimp 14 (Bangkok, Quimper CH, Wolfsburg CH, Marrakech CH, Le Gossier CH, Saint Brieuc CH, Tunis CH, Furth CH, Kosice CH, Trnava CH, Mons CH, Rennes CH, Yokohama CH, Toyota CH)

justafanyyc 17 (US Open S, Sydney, Honolulu CH, Caloundra CH, Singapore CH, Pingguo CH, Barranquila CH, San Luiz Potosi CH, Pereira CH, Savvannah CH, Fergana CH, An-Ning CH, Beijing CH, Aptos CH, Buenos Aires CH, Knoxville CH, Tyumen CH)

keqtqiadv 14 (Davis Cup I, Davis Cup II, Davis Cup III, Davis Cup IV, Shanghai, Rotterdam, Brisbane, Auckland, Kaoshiung CH, Busan CH, Arad CH, Seoul CH, Hopman Cup, Koyong Exho)

Marto 14 (Wimbledon D,Miami S, Monte carlo, Rome, Memphis, Acapulco, Moscow, Vina Del Mar, Bucaramanga CH, Caltanissetta CH , Nottingham CH, Nottingham CH2, Marbella CH, Antalya Fut)

orangehat 10 (US Open D, Indian Wells, Chennai, Sao Paulo, Delray Beach, Bastad, Gstaad, Belem CH, Villa Alende CH, Charlottesville CH)


Here are a few players who we felt were close but unfortunately could not include in the poll:


Previous Winners - Manager of the Year
2006 - keqtqiadv
2007 - adee-gee
2008 - FiBeR
2009 - Boarder35m
2010 - Boarder35m
2011 - Marto

You can contact me on my TF Account or I rarely log on here anymore as became TF Admin.

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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

Adrian. Not doubt on that one.

Tennis Tipping Results:
Win: BEIJING (Singles)
PARIS (Doubles w/AdeyC), 4 CHALLENGERS in Doubles
RUNNER-UP: ROLAND GARROS 2012 (Doubles w/AdeyC)
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

That's easy to call

Originally Posted by hipolymer View Post
Federer will be remembered for his lack of fitness in the latter stages of his career. I mean he won RG with visible manboobs
Originally Posted by CooCooCachoo View Post
"I don't give a rat's ass whether I'm playing a big or a small tournament. I'm Matwé Middelkoop, I go on that court and it doesn't matter who I'm facing. [...] Whether it's a blue court in Australia or a clay court in Morocco, I don't care."
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

AdeyC 31 tournaments! I knew it was a lot, but it's more than 1 tournament in two weeks! What is more, they were always of the best quality.

Krajinovic Federer Dimitrov Raonic Tipsarevic Wawrinka

"It's one of those wonderful correlations between tennis and life: the only way to succeed where you've failed before is not to dwell on the past, but to keep your mind on the task before you"JB

TT SINGLES: 11 Salzburg'10, Barletta'11, Umag'11, Winston-Salem'11, Marseille'12, Nice'12
TT DOUBLES: 12 Bergamo'11, Nottingham (2)'11, Basel'11, Marseille'12, Indian Wells'12, Saint Brieuc'12, Umag'12, Beijing'12, Tyumen'12, Miami'13
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

will vote for justanfanYYC, because the winner in this is known since August
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

I'm proud that AdeyC will take my place in this award
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

justafanYYC did quite a lot of tournaments this year as well

But of course Adey deserves to win this one

Tennis Tipping

Singles: (154/10) Finals: 1-5 ATP, 3-1 Challengers
W: Rotterdam '12

Doubles: (118/5) Finals: 3-4 ATP, 8-7 Challengers
W: US Open '12 (w/Allez-Alejo), Bercy '11 (w/ZackBusner), Winston-Salem '12 (w/Betty)
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

There are really great managers in this game that make this game what it is now. Thanks to all.

But Adey has quality and quantity, you can't be bored when he manages a tournament.

Congratulations, friend!!

Entry List / Draw Maker - TT Interactive Rankings

Tennis Tipping
Best rankings:
Singles: 132 (18/06/2012)
Doubles: 88 (06/08/2012)
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year


I try to always sign up for his events because you just know they will be run absolutely flawlessly and with a great fun attitude Luckily I am able to play in one of his events nearly every week

Troicki - Djokovic - Del Potro - Kyrgios - Berankis
Cibulkova - Robson - Kirilenko - Azarenka
Retired but always loving Ferrero - Ancic - Kiefer

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Not exactly average.
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

AdeyC deserves this, no doubt. Voted for Boarder35m because he also deserves recognition.

TT Palmarès

Titles: Astana 2 CH '11, Challenger Tour Finals '11, Kuala Lumpur '12 (w/Dudisela75), Bressuire Futures '13 (w/Marita)

Finals: Fürth CH '11, Orleans CH '11, Petange CH '12, TT Euro '12 (w/Vilnietè)

SF: Australian Open '12, Memphis '12
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

I cant vote in Alex every year, but this year I do think Adey is the undisputed winner. Not only management almost every week of the year, but quality management at that.
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

I wanted to give a shout out to justafanYYC because I enjoy his TTs. But, of course, the winner is already well known to be AdeyC. He does excellent TTs and does lots of TTs! Quality and quantity is a hard combination to beat

I have a, shall we say, morbid personality.
― Novala Takem Missin' (Novel)
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

Biggest landslide since the eruption of Vesuvius!
Congratulations Adey.

M. T. F.
The biggest source of bullshit since cattle were domesticated.
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Same as it ever was
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year

Absolute no-brainer

Everyone that manages of course is very much appreciated and the game couldn't run without them but Adey basically ran a tournament nearly every week did a great job throughout.
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2012 : Manager of the Year


Singles - Champion M1000 Shanghai 2014 / ATP500 Rio 2015 / CH Bratislava 2012 / CH Madrid 2011 / CH Salzburg 2011
Doubles - WIMBLEDON 2017 / Champion ATP Finals 2016 / Olympic Games 2016 / ATP 500 Rio 2015 w/ Rodrigo R3 / ATP500 Dubai 2014 w/ Rodrigo R3 / ATP250 Kuala Lumpur 2015 w/ Rodrigo R3 / ATP250 Memphis 2014 w/ Rodrigo R3 / ATP250 Montpellier 2013 w/ Rodrigo R3 / ATP250 Stockholm 2012 w/ Lisandro / CH St. Brieuc 2015 w/ Rodrigo R3 / CH Burnie 2014 w/ Rodrigo R3 / CH Palermo 2011 w/ Rafael Fernando / CH Pinggou 2012 w/ BrazilTBfan / Blois Fut 2012 w/ Australian_dream2009 / CH Astana 2012 w/ Rodrigol_87

39(4) - singles
1(1) - doubles
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