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Re: The Young Spanish Hopes?

Hello.There was an interview with Carlos and his coach on a British site. I thought that I would share it:

Performance player and coach interview:

Carlos Boluda
Interview with Carlos Boluda 2006 and 2007 Les Petits As champion and his coach Mariano Martinez

Background: Carlos trains at Club Muxtamell in Alicante with his coach Mariano Martinez and another coach, Manuell Sala, who has been a top 200 ATP player. Carlos lives 15 minutes from the club, goes to a normal school and plays around 20 tournaments a year. He has so far only played in Europe but may travel to the USA this year to play the 16-and-under Orange Bowl event, but his coaches and manager (Sergio) see his schooling as being very important.
Questions to Mariano Martinez :

Q. What is Carlos' weekly training programme?

A. School from 8.30-5.00 Monday to Friday. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday he comes out of school to do on-court tennis training from 11.30-1.30 and then does physical training from 6-7pm on those evenings. On Thursday he trains on court from 6-8pm and does physical training from 8-9pm.

Q. What does Carlos' physical programme consist of?

A. He doesn't work with weights but does a lot of work with resistance bands. His coaches also improvise a lot with his training, eg, like lifting tennis bags!!

Q. What is the level and variety of his training partners?

A. He trains with a mixture of abilities. He is basically the best player in the club so sometimes he trains with players who are no better. However, he often is given the chance to train with the top 18 year olds too.

Q. What is his dream goal and what motivates him?

A. He wants to be a top 10 tennis pro and would like to win the US Open.

Q. What are his more immediate goals?

A. His goals for 2007 are to get in to The Masters Cup (top eight players in Tennis Europe rankings qualify) and to play for Spain in the junior Davis Cup (16U). His goal for this tournament is obviously to win it again but also to succeed in dealing with the challenge of playing against players of his own age in an event that he is expected to win and to deal with that pressure.

Q. He could be world No.1 in the next five years. What would he need to do/work on in order to achieve that?

A. Keep working hard. Improve on the serve and net play. The most important thing is to work very hard. No hard work, no chance!

Questions to Carlos Boluda

Q. What motivates you?

A. Myself, my coach and all the players at my club who want me see me make it to the top.

Q. Tell us about your physical conditioning.

A. No weights, everything is done with my own body weight.

Q. What do you think you need to improve in your game to achieve your dream goals?

A. Hard work, serve, volley. More hard work!

Q. What will you do for the rest of today?

A. Study, watch my sister and spend time with my family.

Q. Who do you train with?
A. Players not as strong for three days of the week and with an older18-and-under group twice a week.

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