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Re: Team GB Vs '2005 Davis Cup Winners' Croatia

Originally Posted by JamesObv. View Post
You don't think that Murray would be capable of beating Ljubicic on a slow hard or grass court? Both bad surfaces for Ljubicic, but especially on a slower court, Murray would probably be able to grind out a victory due to the longer rallies.

Yes I agree with you about Ancic/Henman. Ancic beat a much healthier and younger Tim at Wimbledon, so I doubt Tim would fair any better now...
I think any Murray-Ljubicic match is pretty much 50-50 on any surface to be honest. The slower the better for Murray I guess. I don't understand Ljubicic's failure on the grass at all though as he has the game for it.

Yeah I can't see Henman beating either of the top two Croats and that's on any surface sadly.

I think we need Murray on top form and a lot of luck. It may be that we are reliant on Murray winning three matches unless Karlovic plays and then I'd back Henman.
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