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Picnic on Henman Hill

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our first picnic on Henman Hill! Please feel free to have as much fun as you can possibly handle and don't forget to talk a lot.

Seriously, join this picnic anytime you feel the need to chat or would like to cheer Timmy during his US Open campaign or whatever. The picnic will be open at least until the end of the slam.

There will of course be plenty to eat and drink, but feel free to bring your own food or bevarage of preference (only if you're prepared to share ). For starters, I brought some pizza, sushi (as Tim's favorite food), sandwiches, cheese and delicious muffins I baked myself. Drinks include plenty of bread, some classy wine for the picky (me ), Glenfiddich, orange juice, tea and even milk. Should you want to drink coke, you'll have to bring it yourselves I'm afraid.

Let the fun begin.

And now I would like to invite our esteemed colleague, Harry Potter, to share with us her adventures in Europe. Did you stalk Timmy?
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