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PAW (PICK-A-WINNER) – DAVIS CUP 2007 - Second Round



Hi guys,

Welcome to the PAW Davis Cup

The top 8 teams from the 1st round have qualified for the second round, each of these 8 countries were seeded 1 to 8 depending on their position in the league table

Welcome to Pick-A-Winner (PAW), the Predictions game!

Playing is simple: over the course of the second round of the Davis Cup across 4 different ties choose any 8 matches that are played (from the World Group) including singles and doubles and post who you think will win them.

Please note the doubles match scoring points will be released when the draw comes out, but however as it is always the 5th rubber this team is subject to change, a good idea is to PAW “USA Doubles Team” over “SLO doubles team.”

Scheduled matches sometimes change though, especially on the Sunday when team's choose different players to play who were not scheduled to. Because of this, you are encouraged to make at least 4 “Supplementary PAW’s” in case one or more of your PAW’s becomes invalid through a withdrawal or different player taking part, or in a case of a dead rubber.

When you make supplementary Picks, post them like a PAW but say SUPP1 SUPP2 etc.

For example:

SUPP1: Roddick over Ancic

Your SUPPs will be taken in the order that you wrote them, so SUPP1 has priority then SUPP2 then SUPP3 and so on, the first valid SUPP in your list will be used, so be careful if you want big pointers, I suggest you put them at the top of your SUPP List. You are allowed to replace and cancel SUPPs in the same way as you can with PAWs.

Please remember that a SUPP will not replace any main PAWs that were posted late, SUPPs are only used to replace main PAWs that were not played.

Calculation of Scores:

2 player-team: Average points of ALL player's points
3-4 player-team: Average points of ALL player's points, minus one of the player's worst result

The individual tie scores will either be 5-0, 4-1 or 3-2. This will be based on the percentage difference of the total points scored by each team. I will still post the total points for each team though.

Calculation of overall tie-score:

If percentage difference of total points is 0-33%, then score = 3-2
If percentage difference of total points is 34-66%, then score = 4-1
If percentage difference of total points is 67-100%, then score = 5-0

If the board is down, or running slow, send your picks to

Good luck

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