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Re: Andy the "Hero"

Originally Posted by tangerine_dream
That smell the building emitted lasted for weeks. If there was a good breeze, you could actually smell the building burning all the way uptown. Q, you must've smelled that building all day and night long! BTW, did you register with the WTC Health Registry?

PS - I might add here that the only place that was open for lunch business was Starbucks. Those places are like cockroaches. No thermonuclear war or airborne disease will ever wipe them out.

LOL at the roach analogy! Picturing a grande plutonium soy frappucino.

I did not register with the Health Registry. perhaps I should have. on 9-11 it was literally snowing debris and dust and bits of paper in my neighborhood. satellite photos show the cloud blowing right over me. I had to shut all the windows... and yeah, that smell was horrific. that's something the TV cameras cannot capture.

9-11 satellite photo
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