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Re: Andy the "Hero"

Originally Posted by MisterQ
wow, do you still work there? that must be tough, because there is no ignoring it...

I remember being around Wall Street a couple of weeks after the event. absolutely surreal scene.
Oh yes. We are still here. The office was closed for a week. When I returned to work it looked like Beruit Tanks in the street....soldiers carrying weapons asking for all kinds of ID....dust all over the place. Quite an experience. They were passing out cloth masks to help people avoid breathing in the toxins from the building. (everybody was doing the Michael Jackson look for a week; I still have mine) That smell the building emitted lasted for weeks. If there was a good breeze, you could actually smell the building burning all the way uptown. Q, you must've smelled that building all day and night long! BTW, did you register with the WTC Health Registry?

Wall Street is back to normal now. If anything, it's actually much busier down here with all the tourists. We never had this many tourists in the area until after 9/11.

PS - I might add here that the only place that was open for lunch business was Starbucks. Those places are like cockroaches. No thermonuclear war or airborne disease will ever wipe them out.

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