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star you take things so literally lol! Maybe we have different opinions of what a mama's boy is, I don't think it's weak, I think it's cute and a nice quality in a guy. and I've had to deal with situations where I had to be mature and act. And I was able to take care of it and stay calm and do what I needed to do, but I still wanted to hug my mom.

Here's Brad's Story:

5.2.2004 -

In all the years that I’ve stayed in hotels on the tour I’ve never been involved in a more hairier scene than our first night in Rome. I’d gotten up at 4:37AM to go down to the gym, but they told me that it was closed until 6:00AM. So I went back to sleep and at about 5:30AM I wake up and look out the window and I think to myself “man it’s foggier here than in San Fran.”

But when I got closer and looked out I saw flames shooting up. I’m thinking Holy sh—t time to bail. I put on my shoes and I’m out the door. All I could see was black smoke. I went back into my room and grabbed a towel to cover my face. I started pounding on doors. I then hear this old man screaming for help. I grabbed the old man, as he was bent over and about to go down. I yanked him up and kept pounding on doors, trying to find the stairs. Once we got to the elevator I knew that we were close. We got to the staircase and bolted down to the first floor and made it out into the street.

There’s a bunch of people already standing in the street, but I don’t see Andy. I called out for him, nothing…Everyone’s is asking me “Where is Andy” I was staying on the 7th floor. Andy was on the 6th floor and his room had a deck.

Luckily Andy had woken up at 5:30AM to go the bathroom. He opens his door and same thing, thick black smoke. So he goes immediately to his balcony. It was a good thing for that deck because Schalken and his wife had to climb out of their room so they could get close to his deck. They had to jump to the balcony; the kid caught them and like four other people who had no other escape route.

About 37 minutes later they were all safely crane lifted off the kid’s deck. Andy was the last one evacuated from that balcony. He really showed his true character in the moment of crisis.

Mirnyi lost everything; he and his girlfriend had only their robes. Safin and Lundren looked totally haggard, as did Andy and many others. We to had to shower for 45 minutes to get all of the black off of us.

It hit him hard when he went back up to his room, when he saw how black the room was and how most everything was black. We just looked at each other. It was one of the few times I had nothing to say.

It was very scary stuff. It makes you realize a lot of things. It puts the game in perspective. It reminds me to be grateful and appreciate every breath. Today I wake up and I’m Chipper Jones.

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