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Wink Nicknames for Andy

I was gonna make this into a poll but decided against it.

OK, so is Andy still in the "Fat Slug" stage? We seem to come up with so many names for Andy that I think we need to get our nicks straight. The last I knew we were still referring to our favorite Pizza Boy as Fat Slug. But then, we could always call him Pizza Boy, I guess, but Fat Slug has such a nice nasty ring to it. (courtesy of heya, btw...thanks heya! )

But our spy star insists that the Fat Slug Formerly Known as Andy has shown some wheels lately, and after that horrifying Taylor Dent picture emerged, well "Fat Slug" suddenly seemed perversely inappropriate.

So now what do we call him? The Clay King of Houston? Perhaps we'll have to wait and see what he does in Rome and afterwards before a brilliant new nickname presents itself.

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