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Re: ~~Articles & Interviews about/of GaŽl~~

You're right, Godiva, my little summary was wrong (one more time ), he says 2-3 years! I'm sorry, I didn't read carefully enough. (How do you "lapsus révélateur" in English? "Revealing mistake"?)
Here's more or less what Delaitre says:
"Some people mean Gael can make a big thing. But which thing? In a Grand Slam? I don't think he can do it until 2-3 years. OK, everything is possible, but you have to win seven tough matches against the best players. Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Blake will always be on his road, plus the new generation with Berdych, Murray, Djokovic. So when people ask me 'When will Gael be number 1?', I prefer to say in 4-5 years... It's the time players often need. That's the time Federer needed to win his first big title after being junior number 1."

The comparison is a bit weird because it's been a while since Gael was junior number 1.
But his interviews do sound a little bit like they're starting from the scratch again - like they're starting from the point where he left Gael 3 years ago.

(And I can't translate the article of Deniau now, but basically, that's his point too, he says Gael has to start from the scratch again because he doesn't play tennis - he makes shots, but he doesn't play tennis.)

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