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Re: ~~Articles & Interviews about/of GaŽl~~

Gael already contacted Delaître in September when he was looking for a new coach, Delaître felt a bit "disconnected" at the time and *he* suggested Gautier. It didn't work, but it's like a couple, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.
Then he helped Gael during and after the AO. Delaître agreed to work with him for the Grand Slams and the big tournaments, but Gael wanted to have a full-time coach. Delaître couldn't do it because of his job, plus his wife is pregnant and it was too complicated (what I don't really get in the interview is why he is doing it now if it seemed so complicated one month ago??)
He was taking care of Gael at the INSEP from 2001 to 2004 when Gael became the number 1 in the Juniors.
Delaître is very frank, not everybody likes that, but Gael deals with it. He isn't better than other coaches, but what he says is what Gael wants to hear at the moment.
He says Gael is a nice guy, he has a crazy side Delaître hasn't. Delaître wouldn't have done this for anybody else. He finds Gael's personality interesting, engaging. That's the only reason for his decision.
Technically and physically, Gael's potential is unlimited, but the mental strength is deciding, as we can see with Fed. Can Gael impose himself upon his opponents? And tactically, it's beyond the imaginable. Will Gael be able to integrate so many changes? (Delaître himself asks those questions when he is asked about Gael's potential, not the journalist.)
Regarding Gael's lack of discipline, he says Gael can't afford this and he is wasting time with each "lapse".
The pressure will be terrible, he knows that. The media, the French Federation who fired him some time ago, the tennis world, everybody will be merciless if they fail. All the more since Gael will have a lot of points to defend now - if he isn't doing well right now, he'll be ranked #100 in June!
The journalist asks him why he's doing all this then and why he's giving up his "cushy" life with his family. Delaître says he is making indeed a lot of concessions, to live 24 hours a day with a player will be a new experience for him. But it also is a chance, it would have been a waste not to use this opportunity. It's worth it.

The part of the interview about the pressure is a bit scary, but he's right, unfortunately. And the journalist and Delaître keep insisting on how much he is going to give up for this, etc. (He's got 5 kids, I didn't know that.)
On the other hand, he really seems to have a good feeling with Gael, he sounds nice - so fingers crossed!

(That's not in the article, but I've read Rémi Barbarin and Nicolas Perrotte will be his physical trainers, btw. He was already working with Barbarin when Champion was coaching him.)

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