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Re: Suggestion for FITD

scoring points
one should not score points over and over again each round.
It overemphasizes the final picks.
let me clarify.
It should be the actual round points we earn.
for the winner if we pick the winner we should get the points for the winner only not also for semis qurters and second round for this player.
if we predicted the winner to reach the semis we should get the points for the semis only not the quraters as well.
This will make all predictions more important.
right now you can do well my simply picking the winner correctly and getting everything else wrong
The points earned should be the actually points the player actually earns for the highest position that we acurately predicted.
The actual round points earned actually by the acual players.
We receive only the points the player actually earned we predicted correctly.
clear as pea soup i am sure.
i can take more time and do it more slowly in the future.
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