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Re: Suggestion for FITD

Originally Posted by blakeroddick126 View Post
1) Amount of Tournaments Played--> I think its best if we keep it to everyone can play as many tournaments a week, because if we just leave it open to everyone then people will most likely go for the strongest event. And I dont think it would be a problem if everyone who played would play all three events right?
I don't think there is a problem at this stage leaving it open for everyone to play all tournaments in a week, but as others have mentioned there is a problem with the rankings coming from all 3 tournaments in one week if some have played all 3 and others have only played 1 or 2.

This week I didn't have time to submit a draw for Las Vegas because frankly, the RR format confuses me so much that I couldn't work it out in time.

Also if play started while I was at work and I wasn't able to submit a draw just before play started then I would not want to put in a FITD for a tournament that I'm playing TT in because there is a fair chance that it might give away my TT picks to an opponent. (I'm sure I'm not the only one who is thinking that).

Anyway, so yeah I think it should only be the points from the event that you have gone best at that counts in the rankings.
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