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Re: guille in Monte Carlo

Nah he didn't need surgery. here y'all go.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. When did you start preparing for this season?
GUILLERMO CORIA: Well, in fact, I started preparing last Monday
because after my final in Miami against Roddick, I had to stop for a
week because I had kidney stones.
I only had one week rest, and I didn't have as much time as I would
have liked to prepare this season.

Q. What do you mean with the "stones in your kidneys"? You had to
take time off? How did you cure it?
GUILLERMO CORIA: I cured my stones by just going to the toilet.
There were two stones.

Q. Was it painful?
GUILLERMO CORIA: (Nodding yes).
It could have lasted even two or three weeks because what I had to
do is drink a lot, drink a lot to eliminate them. Fortunately, they
went away in one week, but they could have lasted longer. Until I
eliminated them, I couldn't play.

Q. It was the only physical problem you had?
GUILLERMO CORIA: Yes. I was lucky because when I went to the
hospital in Miami, they told me it was a discal hernia. It would
have lasted five or six months.
I went to Argentina, and in Miami they were wrong; it was kidney
stones. So I was lucky it was just that.

Q. Do you feel well now?
GUILLERMO CORIA: Yes, but I still have to drink a lot of liquid
because they can come back. I didn't have time to study because it
happened to me.

Q. Were you surprised it was so easy today?
GUILLERMO CORIA: Yes, I was a bit surprised, but I played very
well, very deep. My tactics were perfectly all right. I'm very
pleased it went so fast because now I'm keeping physical condition
for the next matches.

Someday, we'll all be free.

!*~Guillermo Sebastian Mago Coria~*!
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