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Re: Cute, crazy, nasty, silly, obscene smilies

That "smiley" reminds me somehow of Vader Abraham, it's the hat and beard... do you know Vader Abraham? here's a link to this guy
I'm not sure if you know his by far most famous song, quite a long time ago. But his song was about the Smurfs and it was funny as hell. Maybe the English version is "Father Abraham and the Smurfs", but not sure as I never heard it.

Freddy Krueger is back!!! lol, or is it Jason? *g*
not sure about it *g*

let's smoke some weed

BTW, did you know that Bavaria is very upset at the moment , because it will probably be not allowed to sell authentic Bavarian beer in and around Munich's soccer stadium when the Soccer World Cup 2006 in Germany takes place??
fucking Budweiser sponsors this tournament and only this crap beer may be sold then, WHAT A JOKE!!!
big defeat for Bavaria, big defeat for the host

you like "Döner Kebap"? Have really no idea what's the english term for this food. But that's the name of food that comes from Turkey. And with Turks being the biggest foreign population in Germany, this food is very well-know here and there are quite a lot of Kebap fast-food snack restaurants.
But don't know if it's common in America as well.

lol, and that's Bunk's popcorn she ate during the matches in Houston haha
I remember something that she always said "I hope I can eat my popcorn there and the match isn't too exciting"... or something like that it was, don't remember anymore


talking about the Smurfs... a naugthy one

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