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Re: Some players reactions about the RR format

Originally Posted by Andieke View Post
I wonder: How do you explain this mess to the new tennis fans??
Cause that's why tennis has to change: to attract more viewers.
Are you really going to tell them:
Well a player still had the change to go trough, but he got screwed because of the fact that someone else withdrew. We did make him play against a replacement, but yes well it didn't matter cause the third player left cause he though that he was out. And now we have to get him back cause he's really the one who won the group.
Lapentti beated Devilder, Devilder beated Ferrero...

Ferrero had chances to qualify by beating Lapentti, but the player from Ecuador withrawed.

So Ferrero had to play a death match with Dlouhy (the replacement), and the Spanish didn't want to play the match, but the organization was able to convince him, and the match started with an hour of delay.

Then Devilder dissapeared, the organization had no idea of where he was. The rumour was that he was already outside the country, because he thought he was out of the tournament. Ferrero was pissed off, because he was going through to quarters because of the retirement of two players.

Finally, Devilder communicated with the organization and will play the quarterfinal.

Now the question is, will Ferrero be back next year in Buenos Aires?

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