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Re: 2007: MTF Top 10 Favourite Players of All Time? Federer is the 2006 champion

1. Goran Ivanisevic - at first its for sympathetic reason, failing to win wimby 3 times, also he is so funny and crazy, very patriotic, has a big mouth but is good inside
2. Pete Sampras - let his racket to do the talking, has the greatest mental toughness, never got the respect he deserved
3. Rafael Nadal - not really talented but compensate it by his never say die attitude, so young but so matured, a good person

just love these 3 the most, have to think deep for nos.4 -10?
4. Edberg - didn't watch too much of his matches, but always heard that he is a good person and has good sportsmanship
5. Alex C - same as Edberg
6. Mark P - sympathetic reason, always injured and always couldn't win a slam and he is so gorgeous, lol
7. Ancic - remind me of the good old goran coz he is also from Croatia, although they have different characters
8. Roddick - he may be a bit "overacting" on court, but i do think he is just a "big baby boy", sympathetic for the reason that he always got beaten by roger

cannot think of 9-10 at the moment

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

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