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Re: Kiwi interviews & articles

kiwi10is translated this! thanks so much!

Swiss Tennismagazine interviewed Nicolas Kiefer unplugged:

One year ago Nicolas Kiefer had a surprising comeback when he qualified for the 1/2 final of the Australian Open. This year the charismatic German had to withdraw from the first Grand Slam with a serious and longlasting wrist injury. The 29 year old Hannoveran hopes to come back to the tour in March. Before that he took some time to give a very private interview to our magazine.

Q: What is the first thing you need after getting up in the morning?
Kiwi: I enjoy the silence to sort my mind and a nice latte macchiato from my new Nespresso-Machine (swiss made of course). A view into the newspaper... Handelsblatt (like NY times) or Bild (like the English SUN) depends on my mood.

Q: How much time do you spent in the bath in the morning?
Kiwi: Around 15 min because I run the full programm: Brushing teeth, shower, styling...

Q: Is there anything without you wouldn`t leave the house in the morning?
Kiwi: My luckycharm (Ganischa)

Q: Which day of the week is your favourite?
Kiwi: As for my job it is the sunday if it is a workday for me. Because sundays are final days. Apart from that it's saturday because that`s when the soccerleague games take place and I can cheer for my Reds.

Q: Where do you feel at home?
Kiwi: Any place where my family and friends are.

Q: What is perfect luck in your opinion?
Kiwi: Depends on the point of view. I support Aktion Kindertraum who makes dreams come true for serious sick children. If I can put a smile on the face of such a child with my visit it comes close to perfect luck.

Q: What is your first childhood memory?
Kiwi: That was a birthday party when we drove around with go-karts. I did a loop and ended up in the stinging-nettles.

Q: What can you not get enough of?
Kiwi: I'll answer that from the view of my job. Here it is the support of the audience I get on the court for sure.

Q: Which shops make you weak?
Kiwi: Abercombie & Fitch and Hugo Boss (as if we didn`t know that before lol)

Q: The most expensive thing you own?
Kiwi: The olympic silver medal from Athens - it`s ideal value is unbeatable. Only by gold in Peking! But as important and valuable are friendships with people that came close to my heart

Q: Which place on earth is a must-see in your opinion?
Kiwi: For people who like cities it is Manhattan and for those who love the nature it`s Australia and for sportfans it's AWD Arena in Hannover

Q: Which movie did you watch lately?
Kiwi: Rocky 6 and Deutschland - ein Sommermärchen (Germany a summer fairytale (a movie about the soccerworldcup with exclusive view on the German team)

Q: Do you read a book now? If so which one?
Kiwi: I will buy a book the next days "The day after" from Michael Jürgs. A book about celebrities describing the day after a big event

Q: If you would be allowed to change a single fact in your life which one would that be?
Kiwi: I would be glad if I could do things more calm but maybe that will come with age

Q: If you could change one single fact in the world which one would that be?
Kiwi: If it would only be one single fact it would be povertry and diseases of children

Q: If you could make one thing unhappened that you did to a person what would that be?
Kiwi: Maybe I would treat one or the other collegue different

Q: Which attributes make you unique?
Kiwi: Every person in unique in a way. As for me I think it's my spontaneity, my honesty and my being down to the earth. But others can rate that better or different.

Q: Which attitudes do you admire on other people?
Kiwi: All things I am not good at like dancing

Q: Which attitudes do you hate most on other people?
Kiwi: Unreliability, Infidelity and if someone sells his own grandmother with his egoism

Q:With which historic person can you identify yourself with?
Kiwi: I think it would be impudent to indentify myself with a historic person

Q: Which living person do you admire most?
Kiwi: Pope Benedikt is for sure admirable in a way. Basically I admire people who bear a misery bravely.

Q: What is worth fighting for?
Kiwi: For any goal you set yourself. That can be big goals but also small things.

Q: What would you never give up?
Kiwi: The deep relationship to my family. But being a sportsman I could also never give up dreaming about possible future successes.

Q: What was the biggest adventure in your life?
Kiwi: When I was in the middle of a shooting in Melbourne

Q: Which adventures are you dreaming of?
Kiwi: After visiting Shakira's concert twice I would love to have dinner with her and have a dance after that. (some fans manage to get invited by their star... he should ask us how to do that hehe) Apart from that I have some other dreams: A safari, a bungee jump, a drive in a formula 1 racing car... I dream that Hannover 96 will take part in the Champions league (highest European soccer league, only the 2 best teams of each country are allowed to take part), winning the olympic Gold medal, the Davis Cup or a Grand Slam

either / or...
Theater / cinema
Thriller / comedy
Angelina Jolie / Jennifer Aniston
Fastfood-Restaurant / Gourmet-palace
Beer / red wine
H & M / Prada
Sportshoes / leather shoes
all inclusive trip / adventure trip
mountains / Ocean
summer / Winter
Ski / Snowboard (none of if but if I have to choose I´d take ski)
book / Magazine
Limousine / sportcar
Penthouse / house in the nature
Lust / love lust and love
snappy / shy
chaotic / tidy
optimistic / pessimistic
vain / not vain
Safin / Roddick
Sharapova / Clijsters

nadal | roddick | tsonga | verdasco | gasquet | kiefer

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