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Re: Laws of MTF

Originally Posted by Tennis Fool View Post
TF's law: 1/4 posters will spell "lose" as "loose".

Originally Posted by Tennis Fool View Post
Is there a law for a newbie who asks a poll or question that:

1. Every newbie asks.
2. Where a senior poster and says yeah, that's been asked yesterday (last week, last year, always).
3. Another senior poster actually responds to the question
4. The end poll gets 100s of responses.
boooring, doesnt count.

Originally Posted by atheneglaukopis View Post
That's a corollary of law 17, which, btw, is MY law, though not so credited ( Blaze ).
you dont get your own law

Originally Posted by Tennis Fool View Post
Fine. TF's corollary.

Originally Posted by atheneglaukopis View Post
TF's corollary of Athene's Law, are you paying attention, Blaze?

Originally Posted by Xristos View Post
Xristotards > any other tard. Fact.

Originally Posted by stebs View Post
Alright then Blaze. If my Croat thing can't become a law on its own I'll have to think of another.

Stebs Law

Any quote made by a player disliked by any particular poster can, will and must be taken out of context as a means of bashing the player in question. This will result in pages of arguments where half the posters have actually read or listened to the particular quote and the other half are making assumptions.

Can it be one?
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