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Re: No Wonder some plays think Tennis journalists are stupid

Here is where I got my Vinciguerra quote from.

Here is a Vinciguerra one from the Australian Open.

6-0, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3

An Interview With:


Q. Would it surprise you if you ended up the only Swede left?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: Yeah, it would definitely surprise me.

Q. It would surprise you?


Q. Could you explain your name? Why aren't you called Johansson?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: No, my father is from Italy. So that's why I have my surname.

Q. In Europe people like Enzo Scifo, he could have played for Italy, the Belgian football player. He had a choice and he chose to play for Belgium. Would you think about playing for Italy?

ANDREAS VINCIGUERRA: No, I'm Sweden. I will always play for Sweden. I was born in Sweden.
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