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Re: No Wonder some plays think Tennis journalists are stupid

Originally Posted by GeorgeWHitler
From the same interview:
Q. What would happen if Marat acted on court the way he did at the Australian Open this year with you coaching him? At the Australian, when they fined you for --

MARAT SAFIN: Who fined me?

Q. The ITF fined you.

MARAT SAFIN: Ah, fined me.

Q. What would happen?

ANDREI CHESNOKOV: What, in Australia? I don't understand the question. Go ahead.

MARAT SAFIN: One more time?

Q. You were fined.


Q. For allegedly not trying in the Australian Open this year.

MARAT SAFIN: First of all, I would like to say that how they put in the press and everything, it was completely different. Because nobody -- everybody knows more than me. It's unbelievable how the people from the press, they know what I did.

Q. What did you do?

MARAT SAFIN: Yeah, because it was -- sorry, but it was in the court almost higher, so we played almost there. Nobody was in the stand, no in the seats. Was completely empty. I don't know how the people from the press, they knew it.

Q. We were just told that --

MARAT SAFIN: Who told you? How you can write this thing --

Q. We only wrote what we were told - that you were fined because of --

MARAT SAFIN: Because of what?

Q. -- for not trying.

MARAT SAFIN: Okay, for not trying. How I not try?

Q. The ITF officials told us.

MARAT SAFIN: The ITF don't have any idea.

Q. What was your view of what happened?

MARAT SAFIN: First of all, in the press they put that I took the ball with the hand. How can you write it if you didn't see it with your eyes? How you can do it? Sorry, guys, but is not serious. How --

Q. All we could write was what they produced as an official statement. We couldn't make any comment. We have no idea whether you were at --

MARAT SAFIN: Okay, so ITF, how they can do this?

Q. They apparently did it on the report of a supervisor, Bill Gillmore.

MARAT SAFIN: Okay, he's a genius. I mean why? He was on the court?

Q. I have no idea. He said he was.

MARAT SAFIN: He was on the court?

Q. He said he was.

MARAT SAFIN: There was only umpire, my coach and a few person more.

Q. Did I ask you for a press conference there, I don't remember?


Q. You weren't asked for a press conference there in Australia? But were you asked for a press conference there?

MARAT SAFIN: No, because I was -- sorry, but I was sad. When I read this -- I had it to --

Q. But immediately after the match.

MARAT SAFIN: No, nobody asked me what happened. Sorry.
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