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Re: For Spanish speakers only... reasons of Chile's collapse in DC

Interesting. Thanks for printing. I think anycountry/media after a lose is looking for reasons why it happened. Human nature to try and figure out why so that if given the opportunity again, different decisions can be made.

Here it is translated:

WHY IT WAS LOST? Factor 1 - Igor Andreev: When one knew that Igor Andreev it would be the second singlista everything seemed to indicate that Marat Safin would be the one in charge to lie down the Russian equipment to the shoulder. All removed optimistic calculations, thinking that Fernando González would gain his two points, but in case it lost with Safin, Massú could at least win to him to Andreev. Then, with the double ones it would be enough to us, because to Andeev one would gain parties both. Craso error. The best player of all the series was Igor Andreev. The standard of the Russians was Igor Andreev. The twig of the Chileans was Igor Andreev. It is certain that the Fernando González of Friday was not the same one of the last time and is certain that Nicholas Massú no longer is the dangerous tennis player of before. But it does not stop being less certain that Igor Andreev it defeated to both. In Chile, clay, with ten thousand people in against and in Glass Davis. And, in case it go little, playing great level. Nothing else that to say. Factor 2 - Irregular level of the Chileans: Fernando González only played in his better level Sunday before Safin and Nicholas Massú only emphasized in the doubles. As opposed to Andreev both played bad. And thus not it can. That simple. That the field, that the climate, that Andreev, that the pull, that the fatigue, that the adaptation. The Russians had the same time to adapt and in addition they had a whole stage in against. But they played or or, rather, they were the more regular. Factor 3 - Bad technical decisions: The players can walk bad or can be mistaken and that is within the logical thing. And for that he is the captain, who not only worries to be seated in the chair, to give the lists and to decide who plays and who does not play. The captain is a LEADER, a MOTIVADOR, a PSYCHOLOGIST, a FRIEND and, in addition, a STRATEGIST. But Hans Gildemeister was far from being all that. But still, one dispatched phrases as "all we knew that Nicholas would lose Friday", "I I said to him to Nicholas who did not matter that he lost, that the important era to tire it" or "the important thing is to arrive at the fifth point". In addition, it needed authority, anger and osadía to do something that many we thought that it had to make: to play it to it with Paul Capdeville. It was not necessary to be genius to realize that Massú arrived suffered at this series and after the doubles it still was in worse physical training conditionses. The blows of Massú were not damaging, whereas those of Andreev if they did it. I think that the option was to include Paul Capdeville, a full man of tenística hunger, with a GREAT misfortune, an interesting serve and with many desire to demonstrate his it was worth within the equipment of Glass Davis. Perhaps perhaps it had lost, had won, but I am sure that IT WOULD MUCH MORE HAVE DAMAGED the Russian, from the beginning. In addition, it was in optimal physical training conditionses and I am convinced that it would not have affected to him in psychological having to define the series. But Hans did not want to put Paul... or it could not. Factor 4 - The selected surface: The decision was taken to play in clay level of the sea to incomodar and to harm the Russians. But in the end, they did a great favor to him to Andreev (arcillero player) and Safin (that knows to adapt to the clay). By counterpart, they harmed to Fernando González and Paul Capdeville, players of fast fields. To play in the clay of Santiago or Rancagua would have been most advisable, in addition by a climatic subject: to make them play with more of 30º of temperature and little environmental humidity. Like advice: the important thing is that our players are comfortable. Factor 5 - Irresponsibility: Here all are their guilty. The federation always to put in the first place the part economic, which, in this case, meant to give the stage to them on the hour, with a field in terrible conditions and a stage that, reason why I have not listened, did not have good infrastructure, nor either good accesses. In addition, they received the MOST EXPENSIVE prices of ALL the series of the World-wide Group. The captain, to leave a player injured and in low tenística form played the tactically important point and, worse still, knowing than already he had two parties in the body. Nicholas Massú, by not knowing when he can and when not he can. The idea was very pretty to be the hero and to give the fifth point to Chile, but when it has injured itself, it has injured itself. And point. Fernando González, to lose a party that HE WOULD NOT HAVE TO HAVE LOST. If Fernando had played in his 80% he gained it.

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