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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

S. Wawrinka - June 29
Monday, 29 June 2009

Q. Can you put into words just how you feel right now.

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: I'm very, very sad, of course. Was a tough match, and to lose today is very, very bad for me.

Q. How much effort did you put into that today?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: I try everything, but it was not enough. Almost, but not enough.

Of course, I try everything I can today to win the match.

Q. Do you think in years to come you'll regard it as a very special memory because of the atmosphere under the roof, playing Andy?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Yeah, for sure it was very, very special. It was a very nice atmosphere with the Centre Court and all the crowd for Andy Murray.

But I enjoy a lot the match. But for sure I'm very sad after the match.

Q. Did you think you were going to be the stronger player in the fifth set?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Yeah, but the second game he break me. I was 40‑Love, and he break me, and I think then it was more easy for him to play well and to stay on the game.

For sure I was playing very good. I was in the match, and I was hoping to do better in the fifth set.

Q. How were the conditions out there? Could you notice any difference between Wimbledon in daylight and Wimbledon at nighttime under the roof?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Was very, very nice to play with the roof closed. I enjoy a lot to play tonight.

Q. What about the grass itself? Was there any difference in the way it played?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: No, I think it was almost the same.

Q. Why is your nose so red?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: With the towel, new towel. Irritating.

Q. You were getting treatment from the physio early on. What was that for?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Well, something I have already in the first two match, but nothing special.

Q. It didn't affect the way you played?


Q. Have you ever played in an atmosphere like that before?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Yeah, maybe in Davis Cup it's always nice match. This year in January we play ‑ in March we play in United States in Davis Cup. It was very nice.

Q. Does Andy Murray have what it takes to win Wimbledon, do you think?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA: For sure he's playing very good, especially on grass. He improve a lot the last 12 month.

But, yeah, today I was close, but he won the match. I think for the rest of the tournament he's ready, but you don't need to forgot the other player.

You know, Roger is still there, and I think it can be a very nice final.

Davydenko, Baghdatis, Tipsarevic, Wawrinka, Gulbis, Troicki, Kyrgios
Sharapova, Jankovic, Zvonareva, Kirilenko, Vesnina, Dokic, Bacsinszky, Jovanovski, Pironkova
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

I translated an interview with Stan from the Swiss media

Stanislas Wawrinka: "You have to give the body some rest"

by Adrian Ruch

Stanislas Wawrinka is under huge pressure in Gstaad

Tomorrow starts the qualification for the Allianz Suisse Open. Stanislas Wawrinka is the figurehead of the tennistournament in Gstaad and the top seeded player. "It's great to have the crowd behind you", he says.

Stanislas Wawrinka is on the tournament poster of the Allianz Suisse Open in Gstaad. The 24 years old is the figurehead of the traditional event, which takes place for the first time in the end of july due to the change of the ATP calendar. One is looking in vain for the stars of the tennisscene in the players field of this tournament, nevertheless a title victory won't fall into the lap of the number 1 seeded Wawrina (ATP 18) as the power density in mens tennis is big. Russian Igor Andrejew, Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu, Romanian title defender Victor Hanescu and the Germans Philipp Kohlschreiber and Nicolas Kiefer are able to blow the dream of Wawrinka winning in his own country.

You skipped the tournament in Stuttgart due to back problems and lost in the first round of Hamburg. How do you feel a few days before the Swiss Open?

Stanislas Wawrinka: I'm feeling fine. I played a very bad match in Hamburg. It was my first match on clay after the greass season and nothing worked. Such days can happen and you have to forget them immediately. I'm not worried and looking forward to play in Gstaad.

After the tournament in Wimbledon you took a break. Was it important for you to recharge the batteries after the nerve-stretching match against
Andy Murray?

It had nothing to do with that much. The season is long and takes a lot out of you. During the summer you also have several changes of the surfaces. Therefore you have to give the body a rest. That's why I made a one week vacation after the loss in Wimbledon.

You and Murray were the first ones who played a whole match under the new roof at the Championships. Do you have any positive memories from the match retrospectively?

It was indeed a great match, there have been many positive points regarding my level. But in the end I couldn't use my chances - and you can never be satisfied with a loss. Even when you play good it's not fun to lose. Therefore the disappointment is the one you remember.

The British crowd supported Murray frenetically. Can the crowd decide a tennis match?

In such a long match the crowd can indeed play an important part. It can encourage you, support you in critical situations, give you an adrenaline rush.

What do you expect from the crowd in Gstaad?

I don't have often the opportunity to perform in Switzerland. I always want to do my best at home. Therefore I hope that many people will come to Gstaad. It's great to have the crowd behind you.

You had Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Juan Martin Del Potro on the brink of a loss this season, but weren't able to beat them in the end. Which details do you have to improve in order to beat the topplayers?

Sometimes only little is missing for a success. I think one victory against one of the big guys could spark something off and give a season a different direction.

You are the figurehead of the Swiss Open, the crowd favourite and the #1. The expectations in you are immense. How are you dealing with this pressure?

The pressure is there, without a doubt. I'm playing in Switzerland, friends and family will be there and I expect a lot of myself. But I'm not allowed to throw myself off the course, I have to concentrate on the basic facts: to find my game on the court soon and to show a good performance.

The Swiss Open belongs to the 250 points series and isn't that deciding for the rankings for a player of your category.

I see this differently. You have to collect also on the smaller tournaments as many points as possible. Beside this each victory gives you selfconfidence. I can easily motivate myself for a tournament.

What do you appreciate the most of the tournament in Gstaad?

When the sun is shining you have a wonderful panorama. The hotels are superb, the village has a lot of charm. There is really no more beautiful place as Gstaad in order to host a tennis tournament.

Do you have problems with the altitude, which affects the conditions of the matches?

It's obvious that the ball is flying faster and bouncing higher. But that's not a problem for me; I can adjust to those conditions.

Your aim for this season was to get back into the top 10. Do you think you can still reach it?

It's surely difficult as I'm ranked number 18 at the moment. But I still have the aim. When everything works well I can manage to go into the top 10.

Dimitri Zavialoff is your coach since 15 years now. Have you never thought about getting new impulses if you would change your coach?

No, our collaboration works excellent. I have improved my game year by year and feel that I still make progresses. There's really no reason to change anything.

Could you describe your relationship a little bit more?

It's not all just about tennis. We know each other for such a long time that we share many memories and interests.

Last year you won Olympic Gold together with Roger Federer in Beijing. Did this success changed your life?

It was a terrific week in Beijing, we achieved something wonderful and incredible. For me personally it has been a very important moment, but it didn't changed my life.

Source of German article: http://bazonline.ch/sport/tennis/Sta...story/15348641
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Thanks, Doris.
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Read it just today. Danke, Doris
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

You are welcome

Great news from Stan today:

He and his girlfriend Ilham are expecting a baby next February

All the best for the couple and the baby

German source: http://www.topsport.com/sportch/gene...149100000.html
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°


Rogelio no complain he good boy no?

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Originally Posted by Rita View Post

That was my initial reaction. It's something with that efficient Swiss timing!

Great news though, wish them all the best.
I hope it's born on the 11th like moi.

Daddy Stani.

Q. You must have so many different emotions going through your head. Was it like a rollercoaster for you?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA: Yeah, yeah, it's quite crazy..I never expect to win a Grand Slam.
I never dream about that because for me, I was not good enough to beat those guy.

Maybe the sky will fall?
Allez Gasquet~Mathieu~Wawrinka~Mannarino~+++
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Oh wow

Davydenko, Baghdatis, Tipsarevic, Wawrinka, Gulbis, Troicki, Kyrgios
Sharapova, Jankovic, Zvonareva, Kirilenko, Vesnina, Dokic, Bacsinszky, Jovanovski, Pironkova
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°


Davydenko, Baghdatis, Tipsarevic, Wawrinka, Gulbis, Troicki, Kyrgios
Sharapova, Jankovic, Zvonareva, Kirilenko, Vesnina, Dokic, Bacsinszky, Jovanovski, Pironkova
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

What a lovely, FANTASTIC news indeed!!!

All my congratulations to the happy expecting couple. May their baby come to this world in full health and happiness.

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Congratz Stan

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

i'm one big ball of squeeing fangirlish glee right now! totally absolutely honestly didn't expect that one until a couple more years at least! aksjhdgajhds! all the best wishes for stan and ilham <333.

it's rather adorable how stan seems to do the same thing roger did lol. except winning tourney, yes, but that's for another time .

for now... alkjsdh baby!stan <333!

This girl adores Roger ♥ Stanley ♥ Marat ♥ Verdasco

Swiss Davis Cup team owns me.
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°


Allez Stan !

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

This place has been quiet for a long while. There's a sweet article about Stan in 24heures.


Google translation:

Stan Wawrinka is a happy man. Seated at a table in the restaurant of the Lausanne-Sport, the tennis player of 24 years exudes serenity, joy of living. Between a mixed season in 2009 and 2010 that looks rich in all respects, the tennis player from St. Bartholomew talks about his life as player and man.

- Stan, after a brilliant year 2008 where you were ranked 9th in the ATP and won the Olympic gold alongside Roger Federer, 2009 has been more difficult. What do you attribute this decline in ranking?
- Competition has become very hard. Today's top 30 in ATP play very good tennis. If someone had told me two years ago that I would end 2008 at the 13th World 2009 to the 21st, I signed right away. Now, he is sure that I hoped a little more this past season ...

- You felt close to the best. You beat Federer, Murray pushed into a corner at Wimbledon, lost 7-6 7-6 against Nadal. Do you feel frustrated?
- Not because I feel I am stronger in all areas. During the first half of the season, I lost six times against players from the top 5. With each time of tight matches. By winning one or two of these meetings, my ranking would have been much better. In my career I have always progressed in stages. I think it took me a year to stabilize me. In 2010, my goals are to finish the year among the top 15 and win a title.

- This past season was the suspension of Richard Gasquet, your former doubles partner. Do you think we could have put cocaine in his glass?
- I know a little and I really hope he did nothing wrong. This case is complex. I know that night anything can happen. When I leave, I'm always careful, I constantly monitor my glass.

- As a pro tennis, you are subject to many temptations?
- From my side, very little. Maybe I did not attend the right parties. (Laughter). When I am in the tournament, in principle I do not go out. I do not want to be tired the next day.

- In February, you'll become a father. How do you approach this deadline?
- I am looking forward to that happiness. Ilham, my girlfriend is in her 7th month of pregnancy. You never know what to expect. Especially when it is the first child. For me, becoming a father is something natural. I think it's also why we are on earth.

- Will you be taking the Australian Open in January?
- I'm not going to suspend my career for 6 months until birth. Of course, if my girlfriend to give birth soon, it will not be easy to manage. For I am away throughout the month of January ...

- Will you play against Spain in the first round of the Davis Cup in early March?
- It depends on what happens at birth. I'll see if it is possible to reconcile the Davis Cup and the arrival of our child. The priority is the welfare of the baby.

- How do you follow your career with a family?
- Traveling with a one year child is too much. This is certainly not how we operate. Currently, my girlfriend is present on half of the tournaments. I think we'll do the same way when we are three.

- Have you already prepared the business baby?
- Yes, as I leave December 29 for Abu Dhabi and I'll be away for a month. We wanted to select cases the baby together.

- The room will she rather blue or pink?
- We know if a girl or a boy, but we decided to keep the secret.

- After the twins Federer, the bar is set high. Are you ready for the challenge?
- Everyone asks me the question. But I will not tell you how many children we expect. It will take a bit ...

- Will you be a stern father or a sugar daddy?
- Papa cake every time!

- Have you decided to get married before the birth?
- Yes.

- Have you set a date?
- Marriage with Ilham is coming soon, but let me not reveal anything else.

- One last question though: will you make a big ceremony?
- We celebrate our union with witnesses and family. That's all. There will be no more than two dozen guests.
Thanks Tori for posting initially.

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Thanks, Nadine.

Originally Posted by Infini. View Post
This place has been quiet for a long while.
Stan has many fans, but at present he still is fans' favourite second choice.
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