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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Stan and his wife have gotten back together

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

A comment from former Swiss player Michel Kratochvil about Stan (I translated it from German to English):

"Wawrinka suffers from Federer"


Hi everyone!

It was a secret for a long time but now it is known that Stanislas Wawrinka is going to be the flag bearer at the opening ceremony in London for the Swiss delegation.

Due to his retiring manner he doesn't seem to be the typical flag bearer but he has absolutely deserved it. Of course we have more known athletes but he has always played for his country in the past, didn't miss a Davis Cup match and was nearly always participating at Swiss tournaments.

The election is also deserved because Stan has won Olympic Gold 4 years ago. Personally I found the communication a bit unlucky as it sounds now like Wawrinka is only the second choice due to Federer's refusal. Maybe it could have been communicated a bit better from Swiss Olympic.

I'm happy for Stan because he will finally take centre stage. His difficult situation is well-known. He stands always in the shadow of Roger Federer and his achievements are compared to the ones of Roger. The problem is that Roger is simply not a suitable benchmark.

In a few years we will be glad to have Wawrinka after Roger has retired. People always forget that there has been an exceptional situation in Swiss tennis in the last years: From Hlasek over Rosset until to the current generation with Roger and now Stan - for a small country like Switzerland this is everything but a matter of course.

Of course Wawrinka can also benefit from Roger. But I think that he suffers from it way more. There are disadvantages: May it be marketing, sponsors or just the attention of the media - Stan always plays the second fiddle.

Of course his inconsistency also doesn't contribute to his popularity. Wawrinka can trouble every top player on a good day but also regulary has inexplicable lapses. That sometimes looks quite unmotivated for the neutral viewer.

Stans level absolutely depends on his mood. In my opinion the reason why he is so inconsistent is because of his environment.

I also think that it would be really good for Stan to have a coach. With Dimitri Zavialoff he had a reference person at his side for a long time. Peter Lundgren has also been a very sociable guy. A coach isn't just there to improve your game but also to do organizationally things and is very important as a reference person.

Roger has been successful without a coach some may say now. I have to state again that you can't use Roger as a benchmak becuase he is an absoultey ecxeption.

I really hope that Stan will be able to make a step forward again. Maybe a new coach would be the solution for him. Maybe it will be Roger's retirement one day which will untie the knot. He has trouble for sure to stand in Roger's shadow the whole time.

I wish you all entertaining Olympic Games!

See you soon

Michel Kratochvil

Original source:

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Great Stan's interview : sorry, it's in French


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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

There was a really nice interview with Stan in a Swiss magazine and I thought it was worth to translate it.

Stan – the lonely fighter

Stan Wawrinka belongs to the elite in a world sport. The silent guy from Lausanne talks in this interview about his solo-tour, a wrong image and the feelings for his little daughter Alexia.

Interview by Christian Bürge

The Swiss know him as the second fiddle behind Roger Federer. As a fighter, as “Marathon-Stan”, as Olympic Winner in doubles in Beijing and flag carrier in London. But what concerns this shy man who has the most beautiful backhand in the whole tennis world? This is a try to bring the reserved man a little bit out of his shell.

Stan Wawrinka, you are known for the Olympic victory but also for many bitter losses. How are you dealing with your frustration? How do you let off steam? Do you destroy a set of rackets?

No, in general I’m not someone who destroys things. After the elimination from the Olympics I went home to my house in Wimbledon for example and was near to a depression. I was listening to music and mulled over the situation.

What kind of music are you listening to then?

When I’m sad I’m listening to quiet music.

It seems like you would like to savour your sadness.

Well, I think you won’t change the evening even with jolly music. It suits more to my mood then. You have to go through it.

Are you actually a lone wolf?


Because you are always travelling alone touring the world. Without your family. Do you never get bored on the flights around the world?

No, not really. I sleep a lot on the travels, watch movies, listen to music. I can unwind between the world on the tour and the one I have at home.

What kind of movies do you watch?

Everything which just runs. I’m not a huge fan of Science Fiction but apart from that it can be everything. On the plane I'm watching movies which I would never watch at home because they are maybe a bit too dumb. But when you are along such a movie can be a nice pastime. 90 minutes which you are just wasting and afterwards you don’t have an idea anymore what you have seen.

How do you travel? First? Business? Economy?

All long flights to America, Asia, Australia on Business Class, the short ones in Europe in Economy as it doesn’t really matter then. It would be wasted money.

So Federer is the only Swiss who can afford the First Class?

No, once I also went First Class with the Swiss Airline. It was when I came back from New York to Switzerland. That was after my Olympic Victory in Beijing. That was top, really perfect. But it was just a waste of all the amenities as I was sleeping the whole time. I was once in a tizzy on a flight to Australia and was watching every movie and played every game. But I was young back then.

Do you get a special treatment on the plane as an Olympic Winner?

Well, they know me at the Swiss. Sometimes I get an upgrade on my European flights. But I think it is okay when they treat me like everyone else.

Roger Federer travels with a whole team and his family. Why don’t you do this?

I also had my coach with me for a long time. Now I have my physio with me on 50% of my travels. My family also starts to travel a bit more now. They were with me in Paris, Gstaad and New York. My manager joins at the Grand Slam tournaments. Roger always had a large team with him and is used to that.

Doesn’t it bother you when you are sitting alone in a hotel room?

No, I just make my thing. It’s not if I’m spending my whole life alone. For example I’m alone for 10 days and then united with my family again. But I don’t have a problem to spend time on my own. I can bear with myself quite good.

Do you see your daughter Alexia via video telephoning like Skype?

No, I’m not a big fan of this. My little one is only 2 ½ years old and when she sees me she doesn’t understands it. I’m a bit afraid that she wants to come over directly to me when she sees me. It’s the same when she sees me on TV. I don’t want it that she cries.

Is she already asking questions where her father is the whole time?

Yes, she is doing this. She actually knows that her father is at work and took the plane. When she sees me on TV she screams into the screen: “Look, papa is working!” And when she sees other tennis players on TV she says that these are papa’s colleagues.

You are online all the time and write many messages on Facebook and Twitter. What does this give you?

I’m doing this for my fans, for all those who support me. They want to see something privately. They love it when I show a picture of my hotel room, of my travels, of the practice court, of the swimming pool. They get another insight into the tennistour that way.

It’s only an illusion as it isn’t that privately in the end.

Yes, that’s true. But like I said: They find it exciting to see me sweating on the weight bench.

How many followers do you have?

2000 to 3000? Not that many. But nevertheless. (Wawrinka is wrong: He has nearly 50 000 followers on Twitter and nearly 30 000 fans on Facebook.) In Switzerland Twitter isn’t known that much. It’s much more popular in the States, in Asia or Great Britain. I like those new media. You always get the news and see what other players are doing.

Every player does image cultivation. What image of you is totally wrong?

Hmm, I have sometimes heard that I appear to be arrogant. Honestly said I’m quite shy and then it seems like I’m arrogant when I don’t look at the people directly or when I just pass them. I would like to know if the people in German-speaking Switzerland really know me. Do they know me?

You get to read much more about Federer. You get interesting in the Davis Cup or in the QF of a Grand Slam.

I thought something like that. They know me in the French-speaking Switzerland. So that’s why my image there is more accurate and better.

You earn a lot of money as a Top 30 player and can afford many things. How important is possession for you?

I don’t have a house or something like that. Of course it is important for me to have a basis for my family. For my daughter. I don’t want to buy a series of expensive cars. But it’s reassuring to know that I could afford this and that.

What’s the most valuable you own?

My apartment in Lausanne. You have a great view on the lake from there. That cost me quite a bit of money I can say.

What car do you drive?

I have a car from a sponsor and drive an Audi Q7.

What does this mean to you?

I like cars and was always interested in them. I like 4x4 vehicles. I need space and comfort.

How often do you think about money?

I don’t have a fixation on money. I never think when I win tomorrow I get 50 000 more. But there are people on tour who know: When I win I have 3750 € more in the pocket.

Do you already know how you will invest your money after your career?

Sure I give a thought to this. I have many ideas what I would like to do. Maybe something goes into the real estates. But I think I’m about to have 5 more years on the tour. So there’s still time for decisions.

Are you afraid of the future?

No, not at all. It inspires me. I know that a have a few good years on the tour left for me. I want to use and enjoy them. After my career I’m still very young and can start a lot of things.

Are you afraid of anything?

No, not even death. It’s part of life. I got richly rewarded and have the luck to live my dream. Fear is not a feeling which follows me.

What makes you most proud?

My Gold medal, without a doubt.

And in life?

My daughter. A children means a lot of work but then there are the little moments in which my daughter smiles at me. That gives you the strength for everything. When I come back from a long travel she wants to have me for herself. Sometimes it is hard because you are totally tired. It is like a second working place but a really nice one. The little one is like a drug to me. That’s also one of the reasons why I can’t skype with her. I could already start crying when my wife sends new pictures of Alexia. So I better don’t do it.

Source of German interview: Schweizer Illustrierte; 37; 2012

There's a picture included in the article which shows Stan with his tattoo of Alexia's name and hand print

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

an article for Stan's preparation for 2013 in december works with Luthi (his part-time coach since march, full-time in december) and Paganini :


He works especially on his forehand, timing and going inside the court.

He also says that he will play 3 or 4 more tournaments in 2013 (apart from the big 4, he was the top-50 player who played the smallest number of tournaments in last years)

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Wawrinka Teams Up With Norman On Trial Period

Stanislas Wawrinka has agreed to a trial coaching period with former World No. 2 Magnus Norman. The duo will work together mainly before and during major championships.

Wawrinka has been without a coach for more than 12 months. He said, “I have been eager to work with Magnus for many years now and I’m very excited to finally have that opportunity.

“We will explore our relationship through this test period and I have no doubt it will bear fruit with hard work and dedication. I am excited to learn from his experiences. He is a fantastic coach and was a great player, so I only see an upside to this relationship. He most certainly will add a different dimension to my game.”

Former World No. 2 Norman said, “I hope it will be the start of something very good. As always, it’s important to set the bar high but be humble doing so.”

Norman won one ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title at the 2000 Internazionali BNL d’Italia in Rome, a few weeks before he reached the Roland Garros final (l. to Kuerten). The Swede had a 12-6 record in tour-level singles finals. In his post-playing career, Norman coached Robin Soderling for two years.

Source: http://www.atpworldtour.com/News/Ten...-On-Trial.aspx
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°


Some more about it. Norman says they'll mainly focus on the mental aspect of the game. Says Stan knows how to play but that there's more to tennis than just forehand and backhand. They'll start with a week of training after Monte Carlo.

Norman along with Nicklas Kulti and Mikael Tillström run the Swedish tennis academy Good To Great in Stockholm for those of you who don't know. They mainly train some of the best Swedish kids but also Grigor Dimitrov. The goal with the academy long term is to become one of the leading ones in Europe and have their own facilities.
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Congrats Stan on winning Oeiras, Portugal!

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Good win over Tsonga. Good luck in Madrid semis, Stan!

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

There is a French interview with Magnus about his work with Stan.
Here's a translation via Google (maybe some of the French speaking users can clarify it a bit more):

"Stan has to feed his killer instinct"

Magnus Norman, how would you describe Wawrinka as a person and as a player?

He is very pleasant to be around, generous personality. I appreciate working with him. It's rewarding. Stan is shy, unsure of himself. This is sometimes seen on a tennis court. He needs to build his confidence. This is a point on which I hope to help, which we have already started working. As a player, he's a talented, already has a successful career behind him. He just lacks some very good results on the big tournaments. But he plays the same time as Roger (Federer), Rafa (Nadal) and Novak (Djokovic), which does not facilitate the task. With them - and also Murray now - it is not easy to break into the Grand Slams. Our goal with Stan, is to achieve something in a major tournament.

This timidity does not grow to be too nice against certain opponents? He sometimes gives the impression of being denied the right to earn unconsciously ...

Absolutely. I had the same feeling as having the opportunity to observe closely. He needs to further develop a killer instinct. Especially during the important points. It should no longer play as "Mr. nice" but that killer instinct. Without changing personality. He just needs to address these key points with a warrior spirit.

It was striking against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in Monte Carlo. What advice will you give to this Madrid hand (note: he beat the French in three sets in the night from Friday to Saturday)?

Here, the conditions are not the same as Monte Carlo. This is higher altitude here and they will play at night. As before any match, we will be well prepared, discuss the specific points to work together and adopt a strategy. But it is important to focus on the game for Stan. This will be our priority this evening (note: last night). The bottom line is that he can believe in him, in his ability to beat Tsonga. I do not want him to consider a good match. I want him to shows in the match winner.

In Switzerland, Wawrinka is often in the shadow of Roger Federer. Does it did not somewhat inhibited?

Maybe. Roger is unique. He is probably the best player of all time and it is clear that it is not easy to "cohabit" with him. But Stan is Stan. He has a great career. He was in the top 10, top 20 now. If we consider the number of players that are on the circuit, it is already an achievement. But he clearly has the ability and all the weapons to be ranked higher and still get very good results in major tournaments. He is fresh, physically and mentally. I feel he can push even further the performance.

What improvements are you aiming at the technical level?

There are several things for improvement in his game. Obviously, his backhand is world class. Perhaps the best in the circuit. At the right time, however, there is room for improvement. Although it is good. This is not so much the act that can be improved as its positioning on the court at the time of the strike. This is something that we can adjust. As the return of service. He is sometimes hesitant, do not really know whether to stay back to back or forward in the court. We can also work on the service. It has ups and downs. I would like it to be a more solid and constant service. These are small things we can improve on and which we have already begun to work.

Sometimes he shows signs of impatience and will mark the point in two or three keystrokes instead of extending ...

Indeed, we have also discussed this point. I watched it several times. Already when I was the coach of Robin Söderling and Stan played against him. I have a pretty clear idea about it. It's quite a mental aspect of the game. It has to do with his state of mind and pressure management.

The results you achieved with Söderling speak for themselves. What do you aim with Wawrinka?

I do not like talking about myself. I prefer to talk about Stan. We set the bar pretty high. We set goals to achieve, but we prefer to keep them to ourselves. I am convinced that daily work on small things can have a huge impact. Stan played very well since the beginning of the year. He had tight matches against Djokovic in Melbourne, Berdych in Davis Cup or Tsonga in Monte Carlo. Defeats. I think his victory against Ferrer in Estoril brought him a lot of confidence. It is a dynamic success. I hope it will continue. I see no reason why he should not win tonight (note: last night) against Tsonga.

The Djokovic defeat in Australia was painful but didn't it help to take a step forward?

I discussed this with Severin Lüthi who told me that Stan had much better digested this defeat than others. He felt that Stan had a good shot rather than moping. He was able to take the positive of this match and move forward. This surely explains his strong start to the season. There was indeed not that bad in this defeat. It was a match of very high level.

You swapped with Lüthi?

This was a priority on my list. It was important to me because he follows Stan for a long time and knows him better than me. We spent time together here in Madrid, watched two games of Stan together and talked a lot about his tennis. His impact on Stan the past two years was very helpful. I also talked with Pierre Paganini, his physical trainer.

What do you think of his time "solo"?

It was a good thing. Especially as he still had Paganini and Lüthi. Although he is sometimes unsure of himself, Stan is not less determined. He knows what he wants. He did not want to take a coach just for taking one. He wanted the right person, someone you trust.

That person was you and he expected you to be free ...

I am very honored. But I prefer to stay humble. It is not magic. You can not change things overnight. This requires dedication and patience. We started well. He won in Portugal. We also have to face losses and learn from them. But he grew mentally. We are in preparation for Roland Garros and Wimbledon, but it is in a position to do something here (note: in Madrid).

Original source: http://www.lematin.ch/sports/tennis/...story/21146957

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Best of luck tomorrow in the final.....I am pulling for you! You are playing well.


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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

I will be really happy if Stan wins, he deserves it
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

Nice articles and news. Thanks to everyone who posted interviews, etc.

He will be seeded between 9-12 at the French Open and finally will play a player between 5-8 in the 4th round.

It depends now if Nadal will get that No. 4 spot or/and if Murray will withdraw.
If Nadal wins today or Murray will withdraw or both, Stan has the chance to avoid Nadal, Federer, Nole until the quarters!

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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

There was an interview with Magnus in Swiss media a few days ago and I thought to translate it:

"Maybe we have to set the bar higher"

Magnus Norman, during the victory presentation in Madrid Wawrinka said he didn't knew whether you are that good or if he would only be lucky. What's true?

Luck was surely a part of it. But I don't like to talk about myself and will never like to do it. Wawrinka is inspired due to our common work, he is in form, physically and mentally. He plays well the whole season so far.
We had a great start, just a few days after our first days of practice in Lausanne he won the Portugal Open and now he was in a final again. But we have to try to continue in our way. There is still a lot of tennis to be played.

What went wrong in the Madid final against Rafael Nadal which he lost that clearly?

He was a bit tired. He not just played a lot but he often had to play late in the evening. After the matches against Tsonga and Berdych we weren't back in the hotel until 3 in the morning. It was a tough week. But I expected that he would challenge Nadal a bit more nevertheless.

What could you meanwhile work on?

Wawrinka learns quickly, he immediately adapts what I say. I have the feeling that he already plays his forehand better. Most important is though that he gains more confidence. Victories against topplayers as Ferrer, Dimitrov, Tsonga and Berdych are helpful for him.

Does he have way to less selfconfidence compared with his abilities?

For sure. But he is ranked in the Top 10 now and deserves it because he is a very strong player. The main focus in our work is that he believes in him more and plays the big points good. He is on the right way and already made big progresses. For example against Tsonga: He was nervous there in the TB of the 2nd set, missed 3 MPs but then he came back and won the 3rd set.

Are you also a mental coach?

No, but we talk a lot about such topics. I say him for example how I felt as a player, things like that. Wawrinka is a bit shy and unsecure in his personality.

What can we expect from him in Rome? Couldn't this tournament be too much for him since he played 10 matches in 11 days?

He played a lot indeed but I think that he can have some good results in Rome as he doesn't have to play on Monday.

What do you think he is capable of doing in Paris?

The French Open are far away. At the Moment we don't think about Paris. We concentrate on match by match. There are so many good players...
But everything is possible. Wawrinka is one of those players who can beat nearly everyone on a given day. He is good on every surfaces, even on grass.

He tried to get you as a coach since more than a year. Why did it just work now?

Because it fits better into my Agenda now. We have twin girls who are 1 1/2 years old and therefore I wasn't ready to travel before. Now they are going into the day nursery in Stockholm soon. That means I'm a bit more free.

Can you imagine to travel with Wawrinka the whole time?

Not at the moment. I have also other commitments, my tennisacademy in Stockholm. That's why I won't be in Rome. But Wawrinka is very important for me. We are going to meet next week in Paris in order to prepare for Roland Garros.

You had to retire already with 27 years. Are you able today to play tennis again?

It's not a Problem to play from time to time. I already practiced with Wawrinka already, in Lausanne and Madrid.

You got known as the coach of Robin Söderling who you lead into the final of Paris and into the Top 5. With whom did you also work?

Firstly I build up the academy and worked with Juniors, then one year with Thomas Johansson. I also worked with him when he lost with Aspelin at the Olympic Games in Beijing in the final against Wawrinka/Federer.

Wawrinka had a Swedish coach before with Peter Lundgren. Did you contact him?

No. But I talked a lot with Severin Lüthi and also Pierre Paganini, his Fitness coach.

Wawrinka achieved many goals in the last 2 weeks: a tournament victory, several victories against topplayers, the return into the Top 10. Which are your new goals now?

We have goals, yes. (laughs) But we decided to keep them for ourselves. Our main focus is to develop him as a player. But maybe we have to set the bar a bit higher indeed.

Original source: http://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/sport/te...story/22178114
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Re: °_° - Stan's news - °_°

following Rome injury, Stan is doubtful for Roland Garros but if it's OK -green light from his doctor- he will travel to Paris on Wednesday.

20 minutes

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