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Re: Belgian Davis Cup Team

I'm so happy they won!
I went to Doornik on friday and I had a wonderful day! It was a little, cosy stadium. Ollie's match was really frustrating and he was very disappointed. He didn't give autographs after his match (what I can understand). But after his shower,... he came back and sat in the crowd with his brother. They then gave autographs to the people who asked. They were very nice and down-to-earth!
We got autographs of the whole team by the way and all of them were really friendly.

Xavier's match was quite fun to watch and we were happy he won it so easy!
Afterwards we saw Christophe Rochus in the hall, he was just standing between the people who went home and was talking to some people. A friend of mine asked if we could take a picture of him with us and he was really friendly and posed with us!

I really hope we have a good draw for the barage in september and I hope we can play at home again!! Because we don't get to see our boys play live enough.
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