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Re: Get Well Soon Coria!!!

Yeha it definatly is kidney stones. I read about it in one of my health books. They do effect the lower back so I think the backhand return he hit just aggravated it. From what I read, they're hella painful! I cannot understand HOW the HELL he play those other 2 sets!!!! Gosh he's so frickin' amazimg! Die hard!!! Me and my bro nick named him Rubberband Man. "Why a Rubberband? They represent in the struggle." Golly gee. So at least it wasn't a hernia. A hernia is WAY different than a back spasm. In fact, hernias (in men) mostly concern the groin and are mainly caused by lefting something too heavy. Ok!

Yeah y'all should go to and e-mail Guille ok? E-mail him everyday. This thread was a good idea Dirk. I'm gonna add more stuff. Trust me

OFFTOPIC: Hey Dirk, one of my fav basketball players name is Dirk so I hope ya don't mind if I call you Dizzle sometime.

Someday, we'll all be free.

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