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Re: Which of these players will crack the top 100 in 2007?

Originally Posted by GlennMirnyi View Post
Aren't you the same guy who said that Querrey would be easily defeated in the first round at the Australian Open? Didn't you also say that Gustavo Kuerten should have gotten the WC over Querrey (ridiculous for multiple reasons)? I don't think you should be patting yourself on the back, particularly in light of the fact that you implied that it would take many USTA WCs for Querrey to reach the top 100, when in actuality it only took one (a WC which he proved very worthy of). He will likely finish the year well inside the top 100, and it won't be long before he doesn't need WCs (in fact, he was a direct entry into Delray Beach this week, where he easily won his MDE match).
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