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Re: Swiss Davis Cup Team

on April Fools they wrote that Roger broke his rib while jetskiing in Miami. that would have been a total fiasco!

here's a better report on Lausanne from yesterday...posted this on another board.

The venue, Patinoire de Malley, is small, with 6870 seats, so even if you bought the cheapest tickets you could see what's going on the court pretty well. (they've added VIP seats on the side of the rink) It's not in Lausanne itself. Driving from Bern you take the exit to Blecherette, then take Prilly, and follow the Malley signs on the boards. Prilly is a small town and getting to the ice stadium will be an ordeal. I have to tell hubby to drive there earlier on Friday, also cuz the parking will be a total nightmare.

Anyway, i was afraid they wouldn't let me in cuz there were all these kids with their moms, and teenagers, carrying these pieces of papers with them. Turned out to be invitations for the different clubs in the area for their junior players to come and watch the practice today. I told this woman that i drove all the way from Bern and she told me to wait, in the end i could go in. About 400 people were there to watch the practice. Half of them were children.

Federer was not around, i caught Ivo Heuberger playing against Kratochvil, (he wore those new blue Nike shoes with his red shirt, ugh!) then Rosset played against Wawrinka. Yves Allegro was sitting around with the other guys from the Swiss team, Pierre Paganini was there, Messerer, the "Bespanner", Thierry Markante, physiotherapist, and Caius Schmid, another physiotherapist, who from the other side of the court, looked like Papa Kratochvil. George Deniau (coach) and Severin Luthi (asst. coach) were standing either by the net or behind the baselines. They were mostly picking up the balls or giving them to the players. Micha was playing much better than Ivo, so let's wait and see. Stani has a lot of potential, good first serve, and lovely one handed bh, but i find his movements a bit stiff; are my eyes deceiving me or does his serve remind me a bit of Schalken? You could tell Marc was the more experienced player, and the kids love him there, they kept yelling his name. When he made errors, he'd hit a ball right up to the ceiling! But i caught him bending on all fours trying to retrieve a ball that went into one of those spaces on the side of the court that wasn't covered yet.

A lot of those kids who were there were disappointed that Roger was not around. A six yr. old who was standing close to me kept asking in French, "where's Federer?" A French tv crew was there and 2 photographers, one from Keystone cuz i saw the name wrapped around his huge lens. There was also this guy who was documenting the Swiss team.

At 4 pm, it was the French team's turn to practice and i saw Clement, and the Swiss boys were friendly with him. Guillermo Raoux was also there. I had to leave for the town of Lavigny, near Morges, to meet someone so i couldn't stay longer but i caught the Frenchies warming up by playing football! Guy Forget & Llodra on one side, and Clement & Benneteau on the other side. I didn't see Grosjean nor Escudé.

On my way back to the car i tried to have a peek at the players' entrance but didn't see anyone, i did see one of the girls from my club who was there with her mom and gf cuz she was a Fed fan too. Her mom kept saying that it wasn't fair that Roger didn't join the practice just because he's no. 1. They will also be there on Friday.

The view of the Lake of Geneva was quite nice today. It was clear and you could see Montreux and the other towns across the water and the snow-capped mountains behind.

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