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Re: Standard Tournament Thread (posts 1-8)

Originally Posted by Labamba View Post
After a bit of a mess at the AO thread (sorry Gu, you're doing a great job there), I decided it was time to create a standard format for all the TT tournament threads. This way it's easier and faster for the players to find the information they are looking for. The problem with the AO thread is that the manager has only 3 posts for all the info and it makes things look messy when it's all in one post. There should be 7-8 posts for the manager to have in his/her control at the start of the thread.

Next I will go through all the posts that a TT tournament thread should have and then I will post an example from all of them.

Post #1 - 'Introduction to TT'

This post should only have the basic instructions of how to play TT and which tournament it is.

Post #2 - Fact Sheet

This post should include the key facts of the tournament, like the entry deadlines for singles and doubles, size of the draws, tournament ranking points table, time of the draws, etc.

Post #3 - Entry Lists

Singles and doubles entry lists + seeded players/teams lists

Post #4 - TT Singles Draw

Post #5 - TT Doubles Draw

Post #6 - Schedule of Play

This post should have the overall schedule for the tournament and the daily schedule of play.

Note to managers: Remember the new rule of saving the daily schedules of all days. Don't just edit the post with the new schedule, keep the old ones too.

Post #7 - Stats & Awards

Post #8 - News & Info

It's up to the managers if they want to use different colours, fonts, pictures and things like that for the threads, but this way all the TT threads would have the same structure.
It's recommended that managers would use this kind of structure for their threads, but it's up to them if they want to come up with something better. You can share your ideas for improvement in this thread.
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