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Re: KIWI site updates!!! -- translations & discussion --

Melbourne withdrawal with tears in the eye

Nicolas Kiefer didn`t want to fight against time. Although he has a positive feeling and the mood is good Kiwi will not play the Australian Open 2007. "It makes no sense after not playing for more than a half year and without a good preparation to start with a Grand Slam Tournament. I have good memories to Melbourne especially from last year and I love to play there. But it just doesn´t make sense" Kiwi has to admit honestly: "When I withdrew I had tears in my eyes. Last year 1/2 final this year withdrawing - it cannot be any harder but I will go my way with small steps constandly!"

and the Eurosport interview:

Q: A few weeks ago you seemed to be optimistic about your comeback at the beginning of the year. Why did you have to withdraw from Australian Open?

Kiwi: I am optimistic and my will to try everything is still there but it*s just not enough yet. You have to sign in for tournaments 6 weeks ahead and that`s what I did for the US tour in February and March but I still don`t know when I will be back. It`s still written in the stars.

Q: After your withdrawal from US Open you had to undergo a 2nd surgery on your wrist. What was the problem?

Kiwi: I would be happy to know that myself. I have a disk-injury (similar to meniscus for knees) and an articular capsule injury which is very complicated. After the 2nd surgery my wrist is stabile now. Although I still have to do my reha-programm and fitness. At the moment I spend more time getting treatments than doing other things. But it is slowly getting better now which makes me more confident.

Q: What kind of reha-treatment do you get?

Kiwi: I have to go into the iceroom with -64°C (-83,2°F) for 3 min every day 2 weeks long

Q: With the whole body or do you just put your hand into it?

Kiwi: Completely, you only wear boxershorts, and mouthcover and slippers

Q: How can you survive that?

Kiwi: You really learn to beat the inner temptation. But it is very importand for the immune system and it was so good for my wrist. I started with 90 sec and built up to now 3 min. I feel like an Eskimo but you just do it for your success.

Q: Have you been able to practice with a racked again?

Kiwi: Not completely. Forehand, serve and volley are ok but backhand is the problem. I tried it once or twice yesterday.

Q: How did it feel?

Kiwi: Like a contaminat. It is odd but it doesn`t cause that much pain anymore. It just takes time. I trust my doctors and don`t strain it too much. As a professional player I am of course ambitious and get fluttered sometimes. But I learned that peace and calmness is very importand. I am happy about small things again.

Q: For example?

Kiwi: I am happy to be able to hold a racket again or throw and catch a ball. This was normal to me before. After the 2nd surgery I wasn`t able to move my fingers at all. So it is a special feeling to be able to open a waterbottle or the door on my own. And finally I am able to cook for myself again. I wasn`t able to do that before.

Q: This sounds like your comeback is still far away. Did you set a goal at all?

Kiwi: I just want to be fit and healthy again. There is nothing I want more. I can only take one week after another, nothing else makes sense. I`ve seen that enought now. I don`t count the days of my break but the days until I can play again. If I can play the basic shoots again it can go very fast.

Q: For soccerprofessionals you say comming back from an injury takes twice as long as the injury took. Is it the same for tennisprofessionals?

Kiwi: This is difficult to say. I didn`t play for 7 months, it takes this long for sure, if not twice as long until you are back on your old level. I don't want to say that it will take 14 months but it will take some time for sure. But I don`t put any pressure on myself. Also when I can play again I will not put any pressure on myself. I will just be happy to be on the court again.

Q: At the beginning of the break you seemed to take a lot of positive things from it but doesn't the frustration come through, especially after the 2nd surgery?

Kiwi: You have to handle this. Why should I depress myself? That leads to nowhere. I was down to the ground with my injury but I asked myself: Do you want to depress yourself or will you hold your head up high and think positive? Ofcourse I feel like groundhog-day. I am at home all the time in Hannover and the reha is monoton but I look ahead. I am more calm and I realized how importand my family is.

Q: Love and security of a family against potential frustration?

Kiwi: It is so good to be pampered by your parents again. But I have to be careful not to compete as Sumo wrestler anytime soon. But seriously I enjoy this all because I was on the road for years. I also meet with the players from Hannover 96 a lot and in the Scorpions Icehockey team I have with Patrick Köppchen a buddy with the same problem. He also had to undergo a surgery lately. It helps a lot if you can cheer each other up a bit. You just have to learn to keep calm until you can compete again.

Q: But besides all it must hurt to withdraw from Australian Open...

Kiwi: To be honest, if I see the trailer for Melbourne on Eurosport I could cry. I only think: This cannot be true. How much would I have loved to be there now. On the one side I would love to watch some matches on TV but on the other side not. It just hurts so much. Especially if you think how great it was last year...

Q: ...and you still have an open bill with Roger Federer

Kiwi: Oh that will take some time. But I will not give up easily. At the moment I have to bake small gerns (that`s a German saying, means he has to be -I think the word is- meekly) and be happy about small things, but thinking about the big tournaments or the dream of the Olympic Games or Davis Cup motivates me not to give up and to torture myself every day. If not there would be no reason to get up in the morning at all....
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