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Re: A Chat Thread for Kristof's Fans

Originally Posted by linus View Post
bros ordered a Muslim restaurant, it was really nice while the story had nothing to do with the foods, and our beautiful family air as well

you know, there are many minorities in China, in comparison with our ppl of Han Nation, they have some different figures... a little bit tend to western' so the waitresses there are all very beautiful and they have pure characters to add: the waiters are very handsome

tonight i met one guy, he seldom smiles, not the same as his fellows. but dont know why i couldnt move my eyes from him in general, i am a shy and careful girl but i am too young to hide myself finally papa and bros laughed they asked me to turned a little bit inside they said my reactions were too obvious, hehe. every dishes he served was delicious in my eyes... i did my orders just when he came... and so on i didnt realize of those

and then... slowly i knew some reason why i was so "love" him, he has a face with the similar figure to my Marin'

That is so !! maybe i will go there to take a look at him again
Oh what a cute story..! I hope you can see him again, maybe a nice love story can start

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