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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

Someone posted this in GM. He is ok.
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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

What the hell?

That would have counted as the most random and silly injury in the world of tennis. I'm glad it was nothing.

Novak Djokovic nº1!

The Golden Era of Novak: Australian Open * Dubai * Indian Wells * Miami * Belgrade * Madrid * Rome * Wimbledon * Montreal * US Open * Abu Dhabi * Australian Open * Miami * Toronto * China * Shanghai * World Tour Finals 2012 * Australian Open 2013 * Dubai * Montecarlo * Beijing * Shanghai * Paris * WTF * Indian Wells * Miami * Rome * WIMBLEDON 2014 * AUSSIE OPEN 2015
Federer to Nole: "Amazing year. Amazing tournament. Amazing match. You are THE BEST!"
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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

Originally Posted by Nole fan View Post
What the hell?

That would have counted as the most random and silly injury in the world of tennis. I'm glad it was nothing.
Actually reminded me of that spanish football player who injured himself on the foot with a bottle of perfume.

But he is ok
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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

Kim Clijsters or was it Serena who ended up with a glass in their foot,after a dance session?

Glad he's okay though;hug:

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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

not sure how Kim injured her ankle in a wedding but it was Serena stepped on glass when leaving a restaurant.
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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

This accident made the news this morning on TV.And they made it sound as if it's something serious...You know,the media hounds,always exaggerating things.
This must be fate's lucky sign he's winning AO again.
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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

Stole from Anapolis on TF.

Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic hit it off since young BY: COURTNEY WALSH

THEIR athleticism aside, travellers who caught a glimpse of two Europeans travelling on a flight from Perth to Melbourne in early 2011 might have assumed they were fun-loving backpackers.

Separated by two rows in economy class, the brunette waited until her friend had fallen asleep before sneaking up to him and clapping loudly. Hysterics followed at the statuesque Serb's over-the-top reaction.

Later, the young woman snoozed for a while using her friend's shoulder as a support. It was an intimacy of close friends rather than that of a couple.

With passengers on the packed plane seemingly oblivious to their identities, the pair were left to themselves. A year later and it almost certainly would have been different.

Just three weeks after that trip, the young man -- Novak Djokovic -- claimed the first of three grand slams for the year in establishing himself as the dominant tennis player in the world. Ana Ivanovic, his mate, arguably was even more famous at the time.

It is that friendship that Ivanovic touched on yesterday when the pair joined forces for Serbia's opening Hopman Cup victory over Italy in Perth.

As toddlers, the pair threw sand in each others' faces. Later they swatted backhands. Before play yesterday, they embraced on the outdoor practice court before going about their business in impressive fashion.

"We met each other when we were four years old. We didn't even play tennis at the time," Ivanovic said.

"My father and his uncle knew each other from school days, so we were playing in the sand and it is just really, really funny to see him do so well now. It is really nice to catch up and obviously he is my favourite doubles partner.

"(He was) always funny, always making jokes. You know boys. He was always running around the whole time.

"Then we played some tournaments, some under-10s, under-12s back in Serbia, then we were travelling together, so it is nice to catch up and we also have some real memories."

Djokovic, who only arrived in Perth late on Sunday night after adding to his riches with a victory in an exhibition event in Abu Dhabi, certainly clowned around during a dead mixed doubles against Andreas Seppi and Francesca Schiavone.

But he was less jovial when, while signing autographs following his 6-3 6-4 defeat of Seppi, a barrier gave away under the weight of several signature hunters and scraped his leg.

The word's best player limped from the court, with a post-match press conference cancelled as he had the leg assessed before the mixed doubles, claimed by the Italians 7-6(7-4) 6-4.

A press conference that had been planned following the Serb's singles win was understandably cancelled given the circumstances surrounding the leg worry.

Instead, Djokovic released a statement saying simply: "I am good. It was a bit of a shock and I am glad that the children involved are OK. I am fine."

Djokovic and Ivanovic's preparation for the mixed teams tournament has differed. Ivanovic, who has relatives living in Melbourne, arrived early and has spent the past 10 days training in blistering conditions in Perth.

Given the temperatures have soared above 40C -- American John Isner practised in 42C heat during the Serbia versus Italy tie yesterday -- it took little time for Ivanovic to reach peak fitness and she blitzed Schiavone early in the battle between two former French Open champions.

While the second set was tighter, Ivanovic was always in control in the 6-0 6-4 win. Djokovic, in contrast, looked a little weary throughout his clash with Seppi.

Having only arrived hours earlier from Abu Dhabi, where matches are played in the cool of night, he struggled with both jet lag and heat and admitted he felt like he was "dream walking" through the match.

But, when pressured on serve in the second set, Djokovic delivered with a backhand winner and large serve to stave off break points on the way to a 6-3 6-4 win.

It is the first step towards providing redemption at the Hopman Cup.

While it carries less prestige than the Davis or Fed cups, this pair is desperate to claim the title for Serbia given their friendship and seemed certain to do so two years ago until Ivanovic was forced to withdraw from the final -- the day before they shared the flight to Melbourne -- with a stomach injury.

"It is a big goal for me and Novak as well. We have come close a few times and the last time here it was very, very disappointing for me," she said. "I really hope I can play better this year and help Novak and hopefully together we can get the trophy."

Ivanovic held a more immediate goal. The Hopman Cup ball on New Year's Eve is one of the largest society events for the year in Perth and the Serbian held a task for her teammate.

"I remember the first time we played here as 18-year-olds and Novak, he got up on stage and played the guitar and sang a song. I am going to dare him to do that again," she said.

Given the events on court earlier, it is a fair bet Ivanovic did not tell Djokovic to "break a leg" before his appearance on stage.
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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

An interview from Novak via Google Translate:

Because of him we are proud to be Serbs.
best player in the world and the planet first athlete in 2011. Novak Djokovic in a New Year interview with Kurir talking about things that he rarely spoke during the previous year. The guy who came very young to the top of the world still has a boyish dreams and wishes that he would like to meet him in the days ahead.

♦ How are you satisfied with the 2012th and that victory was your favorite this year?
- I have to admit that I am very pleased, especially at the beginning and end of the season. Tournament in London, I played at full speed, without losing a match. However, if I had to choose a favorite win, it would be that the Australian Open final against Nadal. There I pushed the limits of his endurance and confirmed how great my love for tennis - even after nearly six hours of play I did not feel pain. Then I really felt like a gladiator, to the last breath I fight to win.

♦ The new season coming in as number one. What are your ambitions for 2013?
- The most important thing is to stay healthy, no injuries. Next year, the schedule is very tight due to the Davis Cup play, we have a little rest and recovery time. On the other hand, I'd like to pick up this year trophy at Roland Garros because it is the only Grand Slam where I triumphed, so I timed the form accordingly.

♦ You had a chance to wear a Serbian flag at the Olympic Games in London. How did it feel?
- Awesome, believe that this was one of the most important moments in my life. Serbia is a small country with a lot of good athletes and great team sports. It was very emotional when we all gathered in one place - only then you realize how much power we carry. We are a team that did not have any problems, we all hang out, cheered, laughed, talked and shared the sorrow when one of us to achieve the set goals. I'm really proud.

♦ How are you sorry that you are in London returned without a medal?
- I immediately said that I might miss the chance to win career gold medal. Very difficult I filed, I was very sorry. The circumstances are such that in tennis there is not much time for sorrow or for joy. For a few days I was waiting for America and I soon had to get up and play Cincinnati. Later that season I wanted to first of all acknowledge ourselves high level of play that I reached through the experience, and the power of his character - not to fail when it is difficult, but to fight for their goals.

♦ All you do more charity work. What actions are you planning for the next year?
- Earlier this year, will meet the board of directors and board of directors, which will give the final word on the project. I think it's good and ready many good quality stuff and most of it will be able to produce. Now we will inform the public. Charity means a lot to me because I tied my mission for children in their early development and progress. I'd like to open the topic in the future, what our children are now taught in schools, whether they adapted the book, because what I had a chance to see it does not support that fact. Also, the inclusion is something I will fight all my life - that children learn to accept others regardless of their differences.

♦ Most athletes today have tattoos. Did you think that you do one?
- No, I did not. Okay I see them on others, but I have such a passion.

♦ Have you had a prejudice against any nation or country before you met them?
- I'm not a person who is prone to bias because I'm on my skin felt a lot of times what they mean, especially when they relate to some people. I brought up that people value in a different way - by whether they are good or not, whether they are hard-working, honest. I do not remember that I was in any given situation led prejudices - that's me.

♦ Since you're a public figure, how much burden the gossip about you?
- Sometimes burden, sometimes fun, sometimes do not pay attention. However, my attitude and my team is the principle that we do not act on these things. The truth always comes to the surface.

♦ If you can not see yourself in the future in a responsible position in policy?
- No, not at all.

♦ What would like to do you do when you're a tennis career?
- I have more time to deal with this issue seriously. I'll have more time for yourself, but also for the fact that now is not the time to deal with what I want. I think I'll spend a lot of time on his philanthropic work. I'd love to stay in tennis, but also to dedicate myself to golf.

♦ You became famous for imitations. Have you had problems because of this?
- Oh no. People see it as fun as it is, and I never thought to offend someone.

♦ Is there any place on the planet that you want to visit, and so far have not had the chance?
- interesting question. Believe me, there are so many places where I was, which I experienced in the right way because of all the commitments for tennis. I've never been to Argentina, Peru, Vietnam, Bhutan, I would love to go there.

♦ Do you have any unfulfilled wish?
- To win Roland Garros. I'm working on it! But if that happens, there will always be a new desire. Never stop dreaming.

♦ Do something others had set out you to achieve and is not related to tennis?
- I have some big plans for the future that are not related to tennis, but I'm not ready to talk about it. Still it simmer in my head.

♦ At what time in the past he would like to live? And in what country?
- In our country at a time when we were all united. Touches me when I hear that old saying about those times with nostalgia and want to see what it was like back then.

I congratulated Prince William

♦ Prince William's handed the award for his contribution to the lives of young people around the world for her humanitarian work. Have you talked about his current family situation, since waiting for a successor?
- Yes, of course, I congratulated him on the nice news. He seemed very happy and excited and I'm sure will have a great grasp the new role. The prince, who, as a very caring and dedicated people engaged in humanitarian work and help young people in the UK. I sincerely wish them all the best.

I appreciate Duleta and Partizan, Red Star supporter of

♦ Recently Dule Vujosevic said he was disappointed with what you're wearing Red Star jersey. How do you comment on that statement?
- common passion between the star-partizanovac. I'm rooting for the Red Star, Partizan appreciate and cheered them in the Arena against Maccabi. Dule also appreciate a coach who has done a lot for the Serbian basketball. I try to show by example that life should not be exclusive and that all differences can always reconcile higher purpose.

Courier luck and success

♦ Post readers courier for 2013?
- To preserve health, to think of themselves and their loved ones and to all unite and help young people to have a better future in our country. I wish them happy holidays and all the best. Good luck and I wish success and editorial Kurir!

Jelena gives me the wind at your back!

Jelena has always given a strong boost to be even better on the field. She completed schooling, he became independent, and for now the nature of work is more often able to be with me in tournaments, which to me feels good. Unfortunately, the New Year will not be together because it is the obligation of projects around the foundation and had to stay in Belgrade, but we are happy because we all spent together in December and recharge your batteries for the new challenges.

Santa, give us health

♦ What would you like to get from Santa?
- Just for the health of me and my family. And all the others especially like to wish good health. Others will be easy.
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Thanks.Enjoyed reading the 2 articlesAna is as crazy as Nole,that's why they're good friends

Long time no see Amber

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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2


Djokovic and Ennis top AIPS Europe Athletes of the Year 2012 poll

GOLDEN GIRL Jessica Ennis of Great Britain celebrates winning gold in the Women's Heptathlon on Day 8 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium on August 4, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

By Charles Camenzuli, AIPS Europe Secretary General

MALTA , January 3, 2013 – For the second year running, 25-year-old tennis ace NOVAK DJOKOVIC and for the first time in her career British athlete JESSICA ENNIS are the winners in the 2012 Edition of the European Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Awards .

It was the 30th annual poll conducted by AIPS Europe/UEPS. Formerly the European Sports Press Union, AIPS Europe is the largest continental section of AIPS and was established in 1977 at the AIPS Congress in Milano Marittima.

Since 2003, the annual poll has been named the Frank Taylor Trophy in honour of the former president of both AIPS and UEPS.

Serbian NOVAK DJOKOVIC, already a winner of the coveted award in 2011, accumulated 39 votes, ten more than British double Olympic winner Mo Farah. In third place with 28 votes finished Formula 1 Championship winner Sebastian Vettel.

The women's award for the Evgen Bergant Trophy was won by 26-year-old British Olympic heptathlon winner JESSICA ENNIS. With 62 votes to her credit, Ennis polled ahead of Norwegian cross country skier, Marit Bjoergen who received 23 votes, and tennis player Viktoria Azarenka from Belarus with 17 votes.

In both categories there was a total of 10 finalists .


MEN - Frank Taylor Trophy

2012 Novak Djokovic (Serbia) Tennis

2011 Novak Djokovic (Serbia) Tennis

2010 Sebastian Vettel (Germany) Formula 1 motor racing

2009 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Tennis

2008 Rafael Nadal (Spain) Tennis

2007 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Tennis

2006 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Tennis

2005 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Tennis

2004 Roger Federer (Switzerland) Tennis

2003 Michael Schumacher (Germany) Formula 1 motor racing

2002 Michael Schumacher (Germany) Formula 1 motor racing

2001 Michael Schumacher (Germany) Formula 1 motor racing

2000 Pieter van Hoogenband (Netherland) Swimming

1999 Tomas Dvorak (Czech Republic) Athletics

1998 Bjoern Daehlie (Norway) Cross country skiing

1997 Wilson Kipketer (Denmark) Athletics

1996 Alexander Popov (Russia) Swimming

1995 Jonathan Edwards (Great Britain) Athletics

1994 Michael Schumacher (Germany) Formula 1 motor racing

1993 Linford Christie (Great Britain) Athletics

1992 Vitaly Scherbo (Commonwealth of the Independent States)

1991 Sergey Bubka (Soviet Union) Athletics

1990 Lothar Matthaeus (Germany) Football

1989 Boris Becker (Germany) Tennis

1988 Sergey Bubka (Soviet Union) Athletics

1987 Stephen Roche (Ireland) Cycling

1986 Boris Becker (Germany) Tennis

1985 Sergey Bubka (Soviet Union) Athletics

1984 Michel Platini (France) Football

1983 Michael Gross (Germany) Swimming

WOMEN - Evgen Bergant Trophy

2012 Jessica Ennis (Great Britain) Athletics

2011 Federica Pellegrini (Italy) Swimming

2010 Blanka Vlasic (Croatia) Athletics

2009 Blanka Vlasic (Croatia) Athletics

2008 Yelena Isinbayeva (Russia) Athletics

2007 Justine Henin (Belgium) Tennis

2006 Justine Henin-Hardenne (Belgium) Tennis

2005 Yelena Isinbayeva (Russia) Athletics

2004 Kelly Holmes (Great Britain) Athletics

2003 Justine Henin-Hardenne (Belgium) Tennis

2002 Justine Henin-Hardenne (Belgium) Tennis

2001 Svetlana Khorkina (Russia) Gymnastics

2000 Inge de Bruijn (Netherland) Swimming

1999 Gabriela Szabo (Romania) Athletics

1998 Larissa Lazutina (Russia) Cross-country skiing

1997 Martina Hingis (Switzerland) Tennis

1996 Svetlana Masterkova (Russia) Athletics

1995 Steffi Graf (Germany) Tennis

1994 Manuela Di Centa (Italy) Cross-country skiing

1993 Franziska van Almsick (Germany) Swimming

1992 Krisztina Egerszegi (Hungary) Swimming

1991 Monica Seles (Yugoslavia) Tennis

1990 Katrin Krabbe (Germany) Athletics

1989 Steffi Graf (Germany) Tennis

1988 Kristin Otto (GDR) Swimming

1987 Steffi Graf (Germany) Tennis

1986 Heike Drechsler (GDR) Athletics

1985 Marita Koch (GDR) Athletics

1984 Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi (Finland) Cross-country skiing

1983 Jarmila Kratochvilova (Czechoslovakia) Athletics
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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

Another award to add to his collection

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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

AO Conference call with Christ Evert and Darren Cahill

It's a very long article covering many male and female players but there's a paragraph about Nole's very famous press after his 2006 RG QF defeat by Rafa.

Q. Around the time when Nadal or Federer were winning everything, 2005, 2006, I think everyone saw Murray and Djokovic as strong, probably going to get to the top, the only thing holding them back were these two guys.* I don’t know if you would say that now about some of the guys younger than Murray and Djokovic.* What do you two think?* Is that next generation maybe a little bit behind where this generation was a few years ago or are they coming along okay?*

CHRIS EVERT:* I’ll just say briefly, because Darren knows a lot more about this than I do, I’ll say briefly I think this is the year, 2013, for these players to emerge.* I think we kind of saw hints of it last year.*
But especially this year, with Nadal not being 100%, Federer, like I said, as each year goes on, it’s going to be harder and harder for him to be mentally tough for every match.* I think this is the year that some new faces are going to pop up, and have to.* That’s always been the way it’s gone in tennis.*

DARREN CAHILL:* I agree with that.* You’re right, absolutely.* This generation of Murray and Djokovic, the one previous in 2005, 2006 that came up, were right there with these guys.*
I remember a little story actually with Andre.* Remember back at the French Open in 2006 when Djokovic got through the quarterfinals, played that match against Nadal.* He walked off the court after a couple sets because he was injured.* Obviously it was a big thing for the young kid to get through to the quarters.* In the after-match press conference he said he felt comfortable on the court against Nadal.* That caught the attention of Andre back in 2006.* I remember vividly the tournament right before Wimbledon, just before Andre announced it was going to be his last Wimbledon ever, and the US Open was going to be his last tournament, he played an exhibition against Djokovic.*
Andre said, The kid just played Nadal, right?* This is the kid that said he felt like he was the better player at the French, right?* I said, Yeah, this is the kid.* So walking out from the locker room onto the court, I remember walking next to these guys, and Andre peppered him with questions about his career.* This is an 18-, 19-year-old kid that came out and said he felt like he was a better player than Nadal on clay.* Obviously I’m paraphrasing him a little bit.*
Andre peppered him with questions about why he would make such a statement.* Novak wasn’t being cocky, he wasn’t being over the top.* He basically answered each question with, No, I just felt for this reason, if I could play my game off the backhand side, I have a big pocket.* I felt if I could push him back on the backhand side I would make this progress, my forehand down the line, I could make this progress.* He answered every one of Andre’s questions like a true pro.* That’s the intelligence and the thinking of that generation of player.*

Now, Murray was exactly the same.* You’re right, that generation of player is slightly ahead of the generation we see right now.* I think Nadal, Murray, because Nadal is only a year or two older than those guys, but Nadal, Murray and Novak was a unique circumstance for men’s tennis to get those three guys into the game.* But they are special tennis players that you rarely see.* We haven’t got those generation of players coming through.* We have some really good players.* But it might be the generation after that that comes through and pushes them.* But you are right, they are a level ahead of what we have at the moment.
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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

That's one of the anecdotes Cahill shared waiting for Nole's first HC match. Constant buffering of my stream made it impossible to get the story properly though. Impressive that he managed to explain them to Andre, not getting intimidated by his name.

Hopefully someday, preferably after his retirement, Nole has a chance to talk about it* in detail in a more relaxed manner. What exactly he meant. If he ever regrets saying those in public, not knowing the consequences it would bring up. How he remembers the conversation with Andre, etc.
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Thanks Lee for bringing that upI remember that match,a slender very young looking Nole,he didn't have a filter back thenNowadays he'll say things ppl wanna hear,as it is supposed to be.

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Re: Novak News & Interviews Vol.2

I also think that's the subtle stab by Cahill toward the new gen of tennis players. They may have the talent and skill in tennis but not as intelligent as Nole and Murray.
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