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Re: The Champions' Lounge

Hey Mr. F

You've got to have confidence in yourself if you're going to win...right now, it seems that you don't. It might be best to take a break of a few days / a week or so and instead of placing money on your leans, just make a record of them and see how you go. If you get a good record...that will help your confidence and you should start betting again

Also, I wouldn't go for odds on a bet of lower than 1.50. To state the obvious, you'd only need to win 2 in a row to make some profit (off a constant stake)...something that is easier to manage than 3, 4+ winning streak.

Anders had the perfect gambling style for tennis...not sure whether it works for many other sports so maybe you should approach with caution. But, in terms of tennis, looking for value isn't too hard and, given the number of upsets that happen from day to day, it tends to be more lucrative to bet that way.

As BG's rules state (see the thread he posted above)...know the sport you're betting on inside out, which I'm sure you do...but I'll state anyway. I'm a great fan of stats...but they shouldn't be used to DECIDE what you play...they should be used to SOLIDIFY your lean.

I hope some of that helps...although it is propbably stating stuff you already know about

I can't wait for the new tennis season!!!

Keep the good work going James et al
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