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Re: The Champions' Lounge

Three weeks ago I hit a personal high when my overall bank reached +16 units .. everything seemed logical and panned out as such ..

Since then pretty much everything has reversed and it just seems like everything I touch turns sour (bank has shrunk to +8 units overall).. it's as if the planets have suddenly re-aligned or something .. You keep "going to the well" and doing what you've been doing but nothing works .. and it's gotten to the point where right now I have no idea where my next W is coming from because my confidence is nil ..

Feels like I'm chasing my tail in terms of strategy .. I like to win at good percentage (60% +) but the thing I'm finding is because of 'juice' what it takes me five wins in a row to accumulate, I can then virtually lose in three losses .. I don't know whether to give in and just back underdogs (a la 'Anders') whereby you only need to hit at 35-45% to keep building the bank ..

I know I've learnt a lot just by being around (especially) this forum and others, but then when guys like you (Bad Gambler) put up 'plays of the day' like Golden State this morning I scoff at it and go with my shitty Lakers / T-Wolves UNDER .. And it becomes another day where the 'sharps' count their cash while I mope after another crap decision ..

Anyway .. just seems like I'm forever 'zigging' when I should have 'zagged' .. Have read through the rules on the above link, but any other bits of advice would be gratefully accepted ..

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