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Anyway, will watch it with more attention when I have time and will post something about it if it´s worth it.
Here is it a little summary... BTW, the interview is in his house while he is being made massages And I´m almost sure it´s Vassallo Arguello the one making it.

*The DC team is the maximum, like the national team for a football player. If they win DC he´ll retire "calmly" (means he won´t feel, if he wins DC, that he didn´t achieve something important..)

*He used to say he prefered a Slam to the DC, but now it´s the other way round. He means it glory wise, because economically speaking is better winning a Slam.

*He is asked if playing DC helped him with his confidence. He replies that this one was his best year, he played less tournaments than in previous years and he has a better ranking. DC makes you grow, mature, makes you live different experiences.

*He is asked if a DC match can be compared with a MS final/semifinal. He says no, because, for example, when they played here they played with a 15,000 stadium packed. He never played in front of such a big public and all of it on your side.

*He says he handles the pressure going to the psychologist, "imagining the match" (I think he´s talking about a technique here, visualization...)

*He is asked about the energy he shows in DC. He says that happends to him every time he plays here (Buenos Aires). In ATP tournament too, he has that "plus". He replies that he would do much better if he could do the same during all year, in tournaments abroad.

*The ARG-AUS tie was incredible, the packed stadium, everyone shouting his name, "el gordo" (Maradona) with the Chucho t-shirt, incredible.... He couldn´t have imagined that in a dream
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