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Rafa At Fundación Iberostar Event on 11 Dec 06

Credits to nou.amic of for the translation
Nadal, to the children of 'Aprenem Junts': "I've had a girlfriend for a year"

By Ángel Calleja
Translated by nou.amic

PALMA.- Rafael Nadal had to face "tough" questions from 600 children at an event organised within the Fundación Iberostar's programme 'Aprenen Junts'. "I still don't know what to ask Santa Claus to bring me, I haven't thought of it," he assured his audience.

The children, from ten educational centres in Mallorca, some of which specialize in dealing with handicapped pupils, put a battery of questions to Nadal on his professional career, his likes and his sports aims, during an event he attended as patron of the project, accompanied by his uncle and trainer, Toni Nadal.

"I hope the questions won't be very difficult," Nadal begged the schoolchildren, to whom he explained that he trained between 5 and 6 hours every day and that when he ended his career as a professional tennis player, he was sure he would stay connected to the sport in some way.


Among the most "complicated" questions for the tennis player from Manacor were: if he preferred "blondes or brunettes" and if he liked "tennis or Cola Cao" better. "I don't have any preferences when it comes to girls," he laughingly replied, and he also assured them that he preferred tennis.

Nadal, who said that he began to play tennis at the age of 3 or 4 years, explained that he has had a girlfriend "for a year now" and that he does not know exactly how many trophies he has collected during his career, but it is getting more and more difficult to obtain them.

His favourite food ("fish and shellfish"), his pastimes ("the cinema" and "golf") or how he spends his free time ("with family and friends") were the aspects of the Mallorcan champion's life that aroused most interest in, and applause from, the children.

According to EFE, the programme 'Aprenen Junts', under the auspices of Fundación Iberostar and Fundación Sa Nostra, has distributed some 200,000 teaching guides for dealing with disabilities aimed at children, teachers and families.


On the professional side, Nadal affiemed that he is "already working" with the aim of beginning next season at the Australian Open, the first big tournament in 2007, in the best possible way. Rafa confirmed that he will take part in the Chennai (India) and Sydney (Australia) tournaments before the Australian Open gets under way.

"To reach the Australian Open in the best of conditions, I have to play good tournaments in Chennai and Sydney," said the Balearic tennis player, who described the last two seasons as "very good" ones for him. "We've come out of them well and it's now time to move on because this year and the last (2005) have been very important years for my career," he pointed out.

Djokovic after his Madrid 2009 Semi with Rafa: “Next time I’ll probably take two rackets on the match point and try to hit with both of them. It’s frustrating that when you play so well you can’t win.”
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