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Originally Posted by FiBeR View Post
you said TFC would get your respect if he ansdwered those questions :

I may give it a try..

1) no cut off! just first in.. first gets a spot.. a really good thing for lucky players that are around when the thread is up.. just like its been all year.. same system.. just granting..4 spots.. the same number of wc in a tournament..

that is fair for everyone, and gives a lot of colour to the tournament.. some by rankings..and 4 by luck.. by first in..first gets.. and they should say "WC REQUEST!"

2) darling, "question" n2 is not a question..looks like a statement, and i dont get the point

The old system granted everyone ranked to get to any tournament.. nowe with the new system.. you get your spot safe.. and granting wildcards by first in..grants by luck -and merith.. it is merith to stay around waiting for the thread up.. it is a lot of pressure- to play as well....everyone wants to play on similar events.. Dah! who wouldnt like to see his or hers best and favourite players play a tounramnet? and pick them as winners? that is sth exciting..

anyway..if i didnt answer your question, rephrase it in a question way.. and tell me what would u like me to answer you or PM me

3) oh yeah?!! LOL!!!!! you think granting lower ranked players a WC is not realistic?!

Tell me.. you know.. last year in 2005 Buenos Aires ATP Tournamnet.. organizers granted ROLAND GARROS FINALIST mariano puerta a WC and made it to the final..with those points.. he built up his ranking and had an stunning year.. furthermore.. juan martin del potro was granted a lot of WC.. see ANY tournament on ATP .. and check out who gets a WC?

this year in Costa do Sauipei Guga Kuerten was granted a WC.. a lot of players get WC.. the idea of WC is to grant a lower ranked player who doesnt make it to the main draw a spot

AND/OR eventually..a really good player who hasnt sign up for the tournament when he should

you making that question is evidence of not knowing the idea of ATP...

4) hey.. hello! with your way of thinking.. how come McEnroe isnt still world n1? or Sampras.. or becker!

new players come up and forth.. besides.. you are not a real tennis player.. you built up your ranking predicting others success..

there is no special skill in that.. its not like.. you have an awesome forehand and you yourself win your matches down there on courts.. hello!

you ahve the same chance to beat anyone, it is up to your choices..the idea of denying someone who is in same conditions as others to compete, is not fair.. furthermore.. i klnow a lot of tennis, i may not know the most..but i do know.. my only "crime" is to get here quite late, are you gonna deny someone who may be good the chance to compete against the old folks just because they got to the game late? yeah..its my bad to sign up late.. i know.. but it is not about you, its about picking players, you re forgetting the esence of game.. and besides.. why?

because Ivanisevich won wimbledon on a WC.. why should you let an ill ranked player into a tournament? because you never know! there are lots of players winning tournaments on wc with low ranked.. on real tennis

like.. Ventura.. the spaniard..2 years ago.. they proved the best on that week..

5) really¡? have u summed up ok?

to be in top 100 you have to be like 250..300 points..

a challenger grants.. lets say..50 points.. you have to win 6 challengers to get a decent world n100..

tell me.. how many players up there in rankings have 6 tournaments per year?

and dont tell me it is somehow easier to win a challenger.. it requires a lot of efford.. in my opinion it is as hard as an atp level,it is not sth requires a lot .. because most of those players.. i really dont know their game..

here.. there are the 5 questions that will grant me your respect -not that i need it-


hey im off.. gotta go
1) Would turn into a farce.
2) It was a statement.
3) Those were chosen by the tournament organiser and mainly because they were born in the country of the tournament. The players didn't just have 5 wildcards and choose when they wanted to use them
4) I have no idea what you're talking about. I agree that someone new and ranked 200 might be better than someone ranked 50. It's irrelevant though.
5) Challengers are worth more than 50 points. And I'm not saying you have to win them all, just have some good results.

Anyway, that's my last post in this thread because I could argue till the cows come home and yourself and tennisfancroatia would still go on.
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