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Re: Wildcards

I think TT is a really nice game because of his similarities with the ATP, then if we start to try to improve with changes in the game we would be making it less realistic. We should try to imitate ATP in many things as we can. But no with things like WC´s, we have the rankings then. From the challenger points discussion, isn´t it motivating for you guys with low rank to start winning points from challengers to become a real No. 1 of the world? I mean... ok when i started to play TT there were very little players who played the game, now there are a lot, so players like FiBeR maybe are in a worth position compared with mine at that time of my TT career. Now we have a good amount of TT players and the game is turning bigger and bigger. And i could see most of the complains come from the low ranked players, as we (the high ranked players) are being kind of benefited with rank.
Finally i think we should give them a break and start thinking of restart ranks from the next season beginning.

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