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Re: Wildcards

Originally Posted by uglyamerican View Post

I was going to write these same thoughts, but I was too lazy.

I can't believe how much complaining is happening before the system even begins to be implemented.

And you're exactly right--it's not hard to look up the players profiles and activities and make an educated guess. Even in tour-level tournaments (especially the majors) TT players will have to pick matches with non-famous competitors, and these matches will be more important to get right, because people will have a lot of similar picks in the matches where we all know who the players are.

As for WCs...

the only thing that would make any sense is to reserve a couple of WCs for highly ranked players who forgot to sign up in the designated time-frame, but I don't think this will be necessary.
Originally Posted by ufokart View Post
Most of us don't know those players very well, there are a lot of them outside the top 200 and even some unranked. But even without knowing any of them i reached the final of a challenger. If you don't know a player you can look it up in the ATP website, there you'll find information of his ranking and recent results and you will also have an idea of which surface suits him best. I mean, i don't think it is that much harder to predict a challenger than an ATP tournament. In fact in a challenger a great deal of matches consist of a player ranked 150 and one ranked 1000 (for example), you can't tell me that that's a difficult decision. Most of the matches in the ATP tournaments are between top 50's or top 100's, except when federer is playing, i believe those matches are even harder to predict. Maybe a challenger is a little bit harder to predict overall, but not as much as some people here say.

I don't know why you have some kind of obsession with playing the ATP tournaments. I mean, it's a game, you are supposed to play to have fun, what does it matter if you play challengers the whole year or if you play ATP tournaments? You are not going to make more money, and you are not going to play against retarded people in those challengers or anything like that.
Maybe other players don't agree with me on this but i just play here to have fun and i really don't care that much if i'm stuck with challengers the whole year or if i'm seeded at the slams . If i can rise in the rankings i'll be happy, but if i don't, i'd still be happy .

I have only played 3 singles tournaments in the whole year and i'm 150 in the rankings. yeah, i'm never gonna make it to the top 100, maybe i'll whine about it
As many people already said, there are players that are still in the ranking list but that don't play anymore and with 3 events per week (that would mean 96 players and i'm not counting all the players that can go to qualifying for those tournaments) i really think that your chances of playing ATP tournaments are pretty good, but if you want to be that pessimistic, then be my guest.

Maybe i would expect all this ridiculous whining coming from a 10 year old, but according to your profile you are 21
I think that the logical thing you must do now is shut up until next year tournaments begin and see if all this whining of you was justified or not.
God I love smart men.

There are only 2 people out of 200 players who seem to be incredibly pissed off about this. Most other people see that aspects of the system are fair and are willing to give it a shot. TFC, you seem so sure that you won't improve your ranking before you give it a shot. People will be more willing to listen to you if next December you still haven't improved. Right now we're saying, "It's just a game, give it a chance and if it doesn't work we'll change it." But I'm fairly sure it will work

When the majority of people don't agree with you it's not all high ranked players. ufokart has played like 4 tournaments total and he disagrees. Get over yourself.

BTW I think the year end challengers are a poor examples of what challenger level matches will be next year. Usually there are better fields with only players from 90-200 playing, but post-Paris most of them were already done with their seasons It's not always going to be like Maui where it is guys ranked 800 and 1200 It will be easier. And if you don't know about guys who are ranked right around 100, I don't know what to tell you because these guys are the ones playing quallies for ATP matches too, so it looks like you wouldn't do great there either.

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