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Re: Wildcards

Originally Posted by FiBeR View Post
it is not a matter of team or whatever, it is a matter of common sense

You have your point, you see things from YOUR point of view.. that is.. up there in rankings

I see things from MY point of view..down here

I believe a good board member (And i include everyone else on the board) should see things from EVERY point of view.. taht is the reason why the board members should be there..

They should look after top 10 players.. top 50.. and top 200...

I mean.. what do strong players care if more points are granted to lower ranked tournaments? Is it that you re afraid to lose your points and newcomers beat you and take you out of rankings?

I believe the way the board is managing the game is making progress and challenges.. much harder to come

The idea of the game is a much fair game to everyone, right? i mean.. everyone should get the same chance to get to everywhere

you re making with all these decitions.. easier for guys who are up in rankings stay up..and guys who are down..stay down.. and that is not the idea

the idea should be, lower players could get the chance to get up there as well.. and guys who are up, should prove they are really the best beating new and old folks..

if not, how come can you really feel you re the best if you restrict maybe good players to challenge those who are up?

Im not saying giving free stuff to us.. im just saying..with the points breakdown is hardly impossible for us to make it to your level..and it is not fair

and that is something the board is missing.. A VISION .. and moreover, standing up for those who are ill-ranked..

honestly, the board seems to only stand for the highly ranked..

and if not.. please prove me wrong, ill be delighted to ..

Not everyone that is low in the rankings think the same as you. I'm 150 and i think exactly like the higher members on this issue.
And the majority of the people voting seem to agree with that thought.

And Uglyamerican is right, it doesn't neccesarily have to be fair, you may choose to play or not . And no matter how much calculations you make you should wait until the system is up and running, i'm pretty sure it's not as hard to rise in the rankings as you seem to believe.
You are not a bad player, so you'll see that you will be fine


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