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Re: Rafa wins AO or I LEAVE MTF

THIS THREAD SUCKS BECAUSE: (Place X where applies)

[_] Fake account
[_] It asks when and/or will Nadal become #1 in the world
[_] It is a Nadal v Federer thread where making sense is prohibited
[_] It assumes Federer will forever be on top of the tennis world
[X] It is a lame ass troll attempt
[X] It is a “Threaten to leave” thread
[X] It was started by Rafa=FedKilla
[_] It over hypes players that don’t deserve it
[_] It contains the Croatian contingent in a argument either among themselves or with others
[_] It was started by JustCause
[_] Original Posters grammar makes me suspect the post was written by 4 year old
[_] It claims Player X career is over after 1 bad loss
[_] It tries to determine the best player ever (on any surface) for the 200th time
[_] It asks when or if a young player will ever reach their potential after a totally expected loss
[_] It is a serious discussion of a exhibition match
[_] It proclaims a 16-18 year olds career is finished after a couple of first round losses
[_] It has the word Gilbert in the subject line
[_] It discusses doubles when its not a Davis Cup weekend
[_] It is a serious discussion of a clay clowns chances at a clay event or in a individual match against a competent clay player
[_] It is the annual thread where people bitch about clay courters not showing up and embarrassing themselves on grass
[_] LOL Jerry Seinfeld
[_] To much sex talk in this thread
[_] It speculates whether player X is on dope without any evidence
[X] It asks/assumes Safin is finished in tennis after a totally expected few first round loss to the local baker in the first round of small tournament X
[_] Use the damn search engine
[_] It accuses the loser of choking when he did nothing of the sort
[_] It talks about fake injuries and/or fake injury time outs
[_] Cramp is called a injury
[_] It claims females can be competitive with males in any form of tennis
[X] Wrong forum, douche
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