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Re: JMDP's Schedule:2006-2007

Originally Posted by Rosie View Post
Juan will start his 2007 campaign in Adelaide which starts on 1st January, as opposed to the original choice of Chennai. I believe Adelaide is the first tournament which will try out the infamous new Round Robin format Seems a strange choice to me, as the cut-off for Chennai is lower and I think he could have progressed further there but guess there are reasons! Good Luck to him anyway!
Yes, Adelaide is the First Tournament with RR.

Adelaide will have the 32 player RR format, so that means Juan Martín will play in the 16 player play-off for a place in the groups stage.

Until now, the players who will be part of that play-off are:

17 Hajek, Jan CZE 76
18 Hernych, Jan CZE 77
19 Vassallo Arguello, Martin ARG 80
20 Dancevic, Frank CAN 87
21 Del Potro, Juan Martin ARG 91
22 Dlouhy, Lukas CZE 92
23 Kunitsyn, Igor RUS 93
24 Vanek, Jiri CZE 94
25 Delic, Amer USA 96
26 (Q)
27 (Q)
28 (Q)
29 (Q)
30 (WC)
31 (WC)
32 (WC)

If he wins his match agaisnt someone of those players, then he will play other two matches (in the groups stage) for a place in the quarterfinals.

The rest of the tournament has the usual single-elimination format.

Oh, and the tournament will not start the 1st of Juanuary but on Sunday 31 December, because the tournament will last 8 days.
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