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Re: ۞ Frezzita's Book of Carlita Quotes ۞



Milan zegt:
this is totally quote book material you have been neglecting that

Books we shouldn't write

Knuffeltje zegt:
the book you shouldn't write?
Knuffeltje zegt:
Oh i get it - a guide on effortlessly understanding how things work by freya maenhout

Rockutie! zegt:
"How to avoid sarcasm – guide to tactfulness included" by Milan
Rockutie! zegt:
and the second one: "1000 things I love about Tatiana Golovin" or "why Tatiana Golovin is so lovable"

Milan zegt:
how should my biography be called
Rockutie! zegt:
what about "sleeping my life away" by Milan
Knuffeltje zegt:
i was thinking bout yours: i might be slow but i got there in the end - the freya maenhout story

Knuffeltje zegt:
i have another book for you
Knuffeltje zegt:
sock on - how to be a snappy dresser, it starts with your socks

one for paul: grown man business - a full guide on how to act mature beyond your age

josh: retard - it's a state of mind

sjoukje: martin verkerk - biography through the eyes of one fan

Miru: how i won the spelling bee

Nole: only the balls should bounce - is 24 times enough?

Fat dave: atkins diet? Does it include doughnuts?

nando: my life as the ugly duckling on the tour

chicky - all-canadian guide to the use of proper grammar in internet chats

feli: how i inspired the musical hair

deivid - feli is my guilty pleasure (foreword by björki)

Rockutie! zegt:
what about claudia and becky
Rockutie! zegt:
"how to live a life of chastity"
Rockutie! zegt:

Knuffeltje zegt:
celibacy? Rock on!
I lost my virginity the same way as i lost my mobile phone - drunk at a party
Knuffeltje zegt:
All the dirty ones are for claudia and esp becky lol

Knuffeltje zegt:
i have one where gaby and birte can be cowriters
Knuffeltje zegt:
boredo in shanghai or how tennis took a step back

Knuffeltje zegt:
Leigh: pink is evil and what your child must know about it

ginepri: tennis for dummies from a dummy

adam: how i firmly believe kissing ass won't get you anywhere; foreword by Paul

jerry seinfeld or whateva: ljubibitch is all serve and i don't like him or roddick, my big serving hero

martijn and sjoukje: how to stop globalisation - it starts with starbucks

i'd hold murray's barf bag - life of a die hard fan

oh my book: army discipline in every day life - from getting up early to going to bed in time

oh i got one for you
got sangria? got a camera? Part-ay!


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Originally Posted by Paul
u shouldnt like people based on hotness
you need to be more like me

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