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Re: Ideas and tactics about betting on tennis

I'm agreeing and disagreeing with Mr. F and Jay...

I think the beauty of tennis is how individual the sport mostly know exactly how a player will approach a is just a case of how they match up.

Any sport can be very profitable...much depends on how well you stake. Check out the likes of Deivid...

As to Timeout...he is still Jez at heart

Anders and Mistaflava have been my inspiration at any rate...pity that Mista doesn't post here very often these days. Both have unique staking plans...and if you combine the two stategies, you can do quite well.

Whilst clay is a good way of determining the men from the boys...I find it one of the hardest surfaces to bet...too many match swings. Indoors is where it's at...until the Tour arrived in Paris

Ultimately, Jay has the right idea - ONLY play the sports you know pretty damn well.
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