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Re: Which book do you currently read?

Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
I read all of the Dan Brown's books. His books were the last fiction literature I read. Overall, I had a great time reading his books. Angles & Demons is his second best book, after Digital Fortress. The DaVinci Code was good, but it's somewhat overrated, though. Reading 700+ pages Deception Point was very tedious experience.
Yeah... I just finished reading all of his books now..
Digital Fortress would be my second favourite... I think it could be made into a movie.. It was so good!
Angels & Demons has to be my overall favourite. It was an awesome storyline and not once kept me bored. Deception Point was okay.. The first 550 pages basically had me bored the whole time.. But then after it started to get good.
Yeah you're right The DaVinci Code was overrated.. The name is so misleading though. He didn't really have a point in the movie because the code was just written on the paintings and stuff. But i guess it kind of did because of the fictional stuff dan brown wrote about with the last supper painting.


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