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Re: Tennis Tipping Rules and Changes Thread

Originally Posted by savestheday91 View Post
Since I agree with a lot of what has already been posted, I'll keep this short and sweet:

- The use of TB's and CB's : I can't believe people think CBs are unfair. If anything TBs are what is unfair. This is a Tennis Tipping game if you like predicting scores, go play PTS. If a match is tied, I think it should come down to how you tipped before how well you can predict a score. In an ideal world, I wouldn't have any PTS in this game at all. I mean in recent events having around 5 tbs? I think that's kind of ridiculous. You are predicting a score for almost every match, in an order of importance selected by the manager. It sucks for a player when their TB 1 is awful but their TB 2 nearly perfect so they lose. CBs at least reward a player for what THIS game is supposedly about.
- Round Robin format: If you implement it, I won't play a single event that is run like that. So you can do it, I will pray it's a failure and we'll move on, just like I hope some players do with the real ATP.

I agree about that. I mean, sometimes you are the best in one round just to lose in the next round because of a bad TB. That's unfair.
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