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Re: ~* HoT PiX Of RaFa*~ ( Isidora )

Originally Posted by Isidora View Post
hello jazzy
I am sure that you are a great girl, but why are you so hung up on Rafael Nadal??? He probablyy does not even care. Dearie...I don't think he is that good looking. He does not have much intelligence. Looks are just a surface thing, our soul is the beauty within. Rafael has never won a game on grass. He has been hailed as the 'king of clay', now i have been a fan of tennis since i was a child. I had not gotten into playing it, as i had a different life path. But Does not all know, A REAL TENNIS PLAYER WINS ON BOTHS SURFACES, be it grass, clay or the other. Trust me he is not that good. Stop wasting your time, so much, and please do something with your life. I am here only because it is mine duty to be so. I am sure you are a great girl, i believe all women are beautiful. But sweetie, take it from me ( i had earned more than you could buy america ) BUT! ( not with my looks,alone i had to battle and fight mentally exaust myself and my privacy has been violated for reasons of intrusion to see what i look like ) THAT IS NOT FAIR! maybe we should just slow down a little. hmmm I am sure Rafael appreciates your support. But that he cares?? I am not so sure. anyway, i dont have many friends, females avoid me, just because of the reson stated above. If you read carefully you too will notice How old are you?? and maybe we can be net buddies.?? if you like? Don't get me wrong i believe Rafael has potential, but he needs to loose the egoistic problem. Not everyone is out to get him.
Keep well. and i hope to your response.
HAHA RAFA made the 2006 Wimbledon Final after winning French Open!
You really are a COLOSSAL WANKER!

*just quietly* I think you should
1. Get a life and
2. Focus on your own once you get one

TADA!!! You're fixed!!!

I LOVE these pointless things!!
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